Influencer outreach is showing success. Getting a few old ones restarted + already have a couple new ones looking to partner. #buildinpublic
I REALY don't want to do this task. Deep focus mode and 45 minute timer set. #buildinpublic
Todays focus: Get on Quora and answer questions, reach out to influencers for partnerships, and create content. #buildinpublic
Since yesterday wasn't very productive, I'm making an effort to improve today. The first new thing, I came across an unimportant task, instead of doing it now like I normally would, I put it on a list to schedule for another time. #buildinpublic
Almost zero motivation today, didn't get much done. Using tonight to reorganize, set goals, and create a new plan. #buildinpublic
When you build a "free tool" for marketing purposes and it's named something different than your normal business, do you create a separate email system or just connect it with your main business? #buildinpublic #solopreneur
This weeks goal: 3 new content pieces. update 2 pieces. Make new side tool live. #buildinpublic #goalsetting
Completely reorganized my content spreadsheet, looking to step it up now. #buildinpublic
Great Friday when you buy a new domain. 🤣
I'll be using it tomorrow though #buildinpublic
Any recommendations for feedback/roadmap apps? #saas #buildinpublic #bubble
Wait, do I even have an MVP if I don't have dark mode? #buildinpublic
I have not been putting in the effort I should but this is SEO progress from the past few months. #buildinpublic #seo #ecommerce
I'm embarrassed by my MVP, that's good, right? 😄#buildinpublic
@unicornplatform Absolutely insane #SaaS landing page builder. Maybe the best? Especially for beginners #buildinpublic
Prepping to give access to preorder customers tomorrow! 😀 #buildinpublic #nocode
One of the greatest feels, customer eager to use my software! #buildinpublic #NoCode
I have 171 people in private Facebook community for #saas. I am 100% focused on user feedback and input. #buildinpublic #nocode
Ran a test live preorder... we're good to go! #buildinpublic
Working on the site getting things ready for preorders this week! #buildinpublic
Big milestone, over 1,000 prelaunch email subscribers! 🎉 #buildinpublic