We're at 823 prelaunch email signups. Filming demo video today, planning to redo the site this week and take preorders on Friday. #buildinpublic
The blog is, roughly, set up with Ghost... need to fine-tune some things and continue with the content list. Up to only 13 possible articles. #buildinpublic
We're at 725 prelaunch signups, Facebook group at almost 100 people. πŸ˜€ #buildinpublic
Slow but steady progress. Working on dashboard today. Goal is to have current design finished tonight (may add more later)...that should have me ready to make a small demo video. #buildinpublic
πŸ‘Figured out a major functionality roadblock. Woot woot! #buildinpublic
The latest survey has 193 responses (we may get a few more but mostly done)... and I'm up to 523 email subscribers. #buildinpublic
Working on signup, login, plans, and payments next. #SaaS is moving quickly. Demo later this week or next! #buildinpublic
I've conducted 3 customer surveys about my SaaS with current customers. 842 submissions and 8,097 question answers. If it flops, it's all my fault. #buildinpublic
We have 74 form submissions so far...tons of valuable feedback already. #buildinpublic
So the saas is slowly coming along. Spend some time doing prelaunch marketing and research. Going to add in some time next week to get the blog up and figure out content. #buildinpublic
Email list is at 467. Facebook group at 60. #buildinpublic
7 hours later and we're at 400! #buildinpublic #bootstrapped
We hit 300 email subs for prelaunch list! #buildinpublic #microsaas
We hit 300 email subs for prelaunch list! #buildinpublic #microsaas
Working on getting the database setup and some of the layout down tonight. #buildinpublic #bubble #SaaS
Forgot to check but here is the update on signups... we got 204 overnight! Sign of the horns #buildinpublic
Forgot to check but here is the update on signs... we got 204 overnight! 🀘 #buildinpublic
Landing page went live today, 0 subs... hoping to have 100 by morning. #buildinpublic #prelaunch
Does anyone have Notion template for documenting progress and things you try for your #startup? #buildinpublic
Next on the to-do...
Continue learning Bubble & build MVP.
Send traffic to LP, build up list.
Outline and start blog/content system.
Build another landing page variate for A/B testing.
Build better website to explain product more, prep for launch.
That's it? πŸ€ͺ #buildinpublic
Spending the night with a #udemy course and #bubble. MVP in progress. #buildinpublic