As a Product setup, I want my users to be able to pay for their subscription with cryptocurrency so I can open the platform to new markets

Anyone planning this in the new year? #buildinpublic #WEB3
Who wants to join a space where we talk about their product and help write out their user stories with requstory? #buildinpublic
We will help describe the feature, write the user story and send them to you from and you can start building with your team.

This is an opportunity to get your idea in front of a team of experts. Don't miss it

Happy building
We have teamed up with some of the best product managers to help you write your one main feature and user stories for whatever you are building.
Simply reply to this tweet or send a DM with the following;
Project/Product Name -
Proposed users -
Short Description -
We decided to help our users to achieve their dreams. If you have any project you are currently struggling with, we want to help you.


@DeJuanlWright suggested we change our tagline to 'Requstory helps users articulate themselves to achieve their dreams'.

And that's what we do !!!

So we are putting ourselves out there !

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Dear founder,

Write out the idea, create your imaginary user and draft out what they would love about your product !!! That’s how to start….

#buildinpublic #founders #startup
Building in public? Say hi and share what you are building #buildinpublic
Which of these features would you like to see first? #buildinpublic
9   As a User I want to be able to print the user stories in a card format so i can use  on the kanban board

10  As a User I want to export user stories so i can use  on other platforms like @Jira

7   As a User I want to create a  project/product   so that all my user stories for the project/product can be grouped together

8   As a User I want to assign user stories to other people   so they can work on researching or developing the story

5  As a User I want to be able to add comments to the user stories   so that others can get the context of the user story

6  As a User  I want to add other stakeholders to the project/product  so that they can see what we are building

3  As a User I want to get   acceptance criteria suggested to me when i create a user story   so i can select which is most appropriate to my user story

4  As a User I want to add users to the product/project   so they can help to review the user story

1  As a User I want to create   user stories based on suggestions   so i can have standard text

2  As a User I want my user stories to be populated once i specify a feature   so i can have a defined list of user stories to work on

So we are sharing some of the user story we gathered for requstory and this will be available in the nearest future #buildinpublic

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Requstory is one way to #buildinpublic ! Share your user stories as you build. Let your users know you are building for them