@hypefury @gumroad Step 3: Progress In Public
(aka #BuildInPublic)

✅ Show your work daily

Add update tweets to the
announcement tweet as
you build the product

✅ help people 1:1

✅ recruit 'test pilots'

✅ ask for feedback

✅ use screenshots on page

For example,
@copy_ai @wordheroai @heyjasperai @markcopyai #BuildInPublic launch:

(1) epic essay @Medium

(2) tweet daily

(3) engage

(4) 1 thread/wk

(5) free cheat sheet

(6) 10-day challenge

(7) sales letter + emails

(8) graphic @canva

(9) upload to @gumroad

(10) promote

(11) gather praise

(12) go big

Let's do this 👇
Nobody cares if your post
audio or video is perfect

They only care if it helps

Post more, perfect less

Want to build an
online writing habit?

6 things I’m learning:

🛑 stop waiting for inspiration
✅ prepare: systems, tools, space
🗓 schedule time daily
🚧 protect it “sacred”
🖋 show up and write
⛔️ do nothing else

I was starting to hate Notion

Drowning in templates 🤬

Now 8 pages in favs
support focus & progress 😜

Most important is “Daily Notes”

• catchall for what I discover
• sorted weekly to library

I love Notion again 😍

The real secrets for Twitter growth:

• be human
• give generously
• go first

Kindness is magnetic.

I'm growing a secret
Twitter "0" to 10k+

I made a checklist

• 0 to 100
• 500 to 1000
• 1000+

In the last 72 hours,
it's become a 50-page

"Twitter Growth Guide
for Life Coaches"

Comment "Growth"
& I'll DM 1st draft free ↓

If you've got 10 tasks,
2 to 3 really matter

That's the trick,
prioritizing the 2 to 3

Daily 3 for Creators:

• publishing

• making friends

• thinking two moves ahead

Stop focusing on
what "most people" do

High failure rate

In the US:
💔 47% of marriages end in divorce or separation
☠️ 69% of people are obese or overweight
💸 78% of people have less than $5k in savings

What "most people" do isn't working

Want to host a live show
with multiple guests?

Check out StreamYard!

$10 'cyber week'
deal ends today... 👇

Capturing this 💡🎯

I want to make/sell a
Notion template in 2022

Something I want but can't find...

Who to study, learn from?

You know you're a creator when...

You're jotting down tweet or
tiktok ideas as your peeps talk
over Thanksgiving dinner 🤪

Your turn,
"You know you're a creator when..."

Black Friday Shopping Cart
for Coaches, Creators...

Peek inside my
BF/CM shopping cart 🛒

I'd love to see deals
from you or your
fav creators

Comment your finds 💬

🧵 👇

Situations don’t get better,
people get better

When you get better,
your situation gets better

I got rejected yesterday, twice

Bummer 😞

But then I realized..... 🤔

"Rejection is a gift" 🤯

See why 👇

You can do
many things GOOD,

but you can’t do
many things GREAT.

Find your one thing,
clear the distractions,
and GO ALL IN.

Got something you want to do?

You likely have a constraint,
some limitation or restriction that
could become an excuse.

See the constraint as a gift.

Use it to focus, grow.

Instead of “I can’t…”,

Think/say: “I can… if…”

Don’t let your comfort
keep you from your calling

Sometimes for new dreams to live,
old dreams must die

That’s always uncomfortable.

I just deleted 90% of
apps on my iPhone (again)

Now just one screen
with the essentials

Didn’t expect the internal
resistance/FOMO I felt 🤯

Suggest you try this

(repeat monthly
to beat "app creep")

Some say, the sky is falling...

No one knows what's next,
but I know this for sure:

There is, within every adversity,
the seed of equal or greater benefit.

Our job is not to ‘worry’ it out.

Our job is to look for opportunity.

What will you see?