It's amazing how I can post an update tweet for my app (on here or reddit) and get 20+ downloads that same day

All for free🤯
Planned my tasks for tomorrow! I'll start to treat my body nicely again so I can work at maximum efficiency!

I'm getting fat☹️

Big update coming by the end of next week👀

Ignore my weird list names 😅

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
I'm really liking this way or organizing the navigation. Logbook wasnt that important to get its own tab

@Aaebraham01 your feedback is on point 👏
Don't know how sustainably this is😳 the graph's angle is way too crazy
Made tag creation, editing, and selection much easier than before.

Thanks to @thelittlekitchn for the feedback that helped me prioritize this feature.

Try it out now!
It's a beautiful (and cold) morning to work on your side project 😇
So I must have entered an object instead of it's label somewhere in the code 😅
Does this feature put people at risk of severe procrastination?😅

#buildinpublic #ADHD
I'm amazed at how much exposure building in public brings.

Since I started sharing my progress, I have gotten about 10-50 new users downloading the beta for my app EACH DAY🤯

Even with the friction introduced by installing Testflight first!
Started the day by making a small change ( making the app logo bigger ) and fixing the name!

A couple of users were having trouble finding the app sometimes
I've got a lot of work to do today.

Woke up to pee just now but I'll probably drink a coffee and get started while the world is still quiet. 😴
I posted earlier about feeling a bit low today.

But this picture and a couple of tweeps (are we using that now?) made my day a lot better😀

Don't just post when things are going well. There are a lot of great people here!
Search now includes tags and selecting one opens a list of all task using that tag👌


Check it out now!
It's official now.

Per @father_mihai advice, I'm launching in two weeks (aprox) no matter what.

Using my own app to remember 😎
#buildinpublic #indiehacker
Today is one of those days I feel a bit pessimistic about building something no one will use :(

I know I shouldn't compare my app to others, but features I want to implement seem impossible or super limited with SwiftUI🥲

#indiedev #buildinpublic #iosdev
Working on a new gesture to expand the calendar view for my todo app lots of people have been requesting it.

I know I should just use a library, but I like getting my hands dirty, and there's no better way to learn (for me).