Should I create a discord, subreddit or Twitter spaced for my app?

How did you start a community and what platform you did you use?

Today is the first time drift away users dropped!

Not a huge amount, but it has been increasing every day for the past month

One more follower to reach 200. Anyone wants to help?

You should take a brake and relax every one in a while.

Burnout will obliterate your momentum / mental state

What's your retention / user reactivation strategy?

Beta has been getting a lot of downloads but feels like a leaking bucketπŸ˜•

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Another minor update on the new feedback views so I can find product-market fit after the app launch!
Minor update, but confetti looks much better than the initial version!

Question for iOS developers. Is building a landing page a waste of time for an app?

Should I focus more on ASO?

#ios #iosdev #buildinpublic
Almost 900 todos have been created since I released my beta!

Got my Mac studio back and thankfully there's no water damage!!

I'm really impressed!

The magic keyboard and magic trackpad were completely soaked and almost summerged but still working perfectly.

Hopefully they'll keep working in the future πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€žπŸ½

Here are some of the thoughts I've had while using my own app.

#buildinpublic cause I forgot to include the hashtag earlier hehe
Anyone remember who was building a landing page website (for inspiration) in the #buildinpublic community?

Can't remember the name
I'm not doing unit testing on the whole app (keeping true to the indiehacker spirit)

However some features really need unit and integration tests!

Me a full time FAANG software engineer working on my side project after work

#indiedev #buildinpublic
I really just pushed an update that shows this placeholder popup everytime a user opens the app πŸ˜…πŸ˜­
#buildinpublic #FAIL
Download the new version......cause confetti πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰ and a minor update for lists

#buildinpublic #iosdev #indiehackers
Was very productive today and finished off a lot of my tasks.

Might add a confetti animation after completing all daily tasks / list πŸ‘€

But right now it's time for a nice relaxing break to recharge a little bit🀞🏽😁

Looks like I may be able to push an update today if I finish two more tasks!!

You can finally create lists and track their progress with a beautiful pie chart

Check it out now!
The first iteration of lists are now out in my beta.

Update the app or check it out if you haven't tried it!