I currently have about 50/50 users choosing yearly vs monthly subscription. ⚖️

I wonder if that is due to confidence in the product or to save money (yearly giving a discount) or something else. 🤔

I fucking love every single subscriber of my app, Watchletic.

Every feedback, every bug report.

And I’m learning so much. Blessed! 🍻

This is my marketing “hack”.

Finding people who genuinely could benefit from knowing about my Apple Watch app!

Win-win! 🤝 #buildinpublic
Phew, back to normal. And wohoo, almost 300 subscribers! 🎉🎉🎉 #buildinpublic…
Hmm, I wonder if this is a bug in App Store Connect or if I really just lost 42% of my subscribers?! 😢

Hmm, I wonder if this is a bug in App Store Connect or if I really just lost 42% of my subscribers?! 😢

Remaking from Preact to Next.js to allow me to create some backend API routes.

Moving away a bit from handling some logic in the app and onto the site, in order to avoid having to push new App Store releases for every bug fix!

A funny thing with developing running apps is that to test features I need to go out and actually run.

Sometimes I just run around my neighborhood for like 2 minutes and go back inside.

My neighbors must start wondering…

Oh wow, what happened yesterday with new subscribers?

Suddenly 14 in one day!

This makes me even happier than new paid subscribers!

The life of an app developer. 🤩

Current last thing before next Watchletic release: Average Interval Pace/Speed

Calculating pace is surprisingly more difficult than you think. Should be time/distance.

But HealthKit gives distance at irregular intervals so it jumps a lot, need to smooth it.

When doing web dev I can release whenever.

For app dev I usually try making each release contain multiple things for some reason.

Gonna start releasing more frequently and smaller updates, to not stress me out not getting to release!

Thinking of doing a referral program for Watchletic.

I think I’ve figured out how and that it follows Apple’s guidelines.

A bit convoluted, might need to make that process a separate service.

No better feeling than turning unhappy customers into happy ones! 🤩🥳

Being both developer and main support allows you to ask very exact questions for bug reports!

Getting quite a bit of churn. Most days are like 5 new subscribers but 4 cancels.

Any tips on how to understand what makes them leave?

Went out cycling (with Watchletic) for about 2 hours.

Lovely weather 🌞☀️

The integrations keep growing with awesome platforms!

And I have a few conversations with ones that NO OTHER app has!

Watchletic now has the best integration on an Apple Watch for:

No need to get a Garmin watch anymore!
Gonna start trying cold emails for Watchletic.

Users who gets the most value out of the app are the ones who have a running coach so gonna try targeting coaches that might in their turn recommend it to their athletes.

Follow along and see where this takes me!

Doing something new kind of for Watchletic.

Have a feature requested from multiple people. Instead of just developing it I'll send out a survey sort of email to ask for feedback on my thoughts!

This way I'll hopefully develop exactly what the users want!

Found this French article about Watchletic by just googling myself, as you do!

Love it, so cool to see people talking about your product.