Gonna try translating App Store description etc. to different languages in order to rank higher in those languages.

Hopefully this can help me grow outside the US!

Building Bluetooth support for Watchletic.

First for my AR glasses and then for things like Stryd and cycling power meters.

Will open up a whole new world!

Very excited.

Ok, time to fix my App Store Optimization to fix Watchletic search rankings.

Bought the $99/y deal from @tryastro. Figured if it can help me bring in just +$10 MRR it will be worth it, easy deal to make when you think about it!

The difficulty of building a workout app is that people have so wildly different ways of working out, what stats to look at etc.

Almost wish I started something simpler.

I keep getting very similar "bug reports" for Watchletic that are really misunderstandings from users.

So I've decided to rework those parts to be easier to understand and less prone to accidental misuse!

Will probably help me with less support.

Time to experiment!

Soon these will work with Watchletic.

Pretty damn cool.

Together with @FinalSurge I've managed to implement import of structured workouts from their service straight into Apple Watch, using Watchletic! 💪

The list keeps growing.

Just added some affiliate links to Picular. Interested to see what it can bring!

Should be less intrusive than straight up ads, and hopefully more correct market.

Should I start a Discord for Watchletic for users to engage and get closer to the development process?

Could be a nice way to build a tight-knit community.

Not sure runners and cyclists are using Discord that much though. But who knows?

That feeling when you have happy customers 🥰 #buildinpublic
Latest version of Watchletic now support importing structured workouts from @runcoachsays

This means you can get all your running workouts straight to your Apple Watch automatically!

Anyone know of a good resource to find affiliate links for specific niches?

I have a designer website with HUGE traffic but unsure how to monetize without making it ugly. Related affiliate links could be a nice solution.

Could be kinda cool to demo Watchletic in a 3D model mockup on my landing page.

More of a visually cool thing than any real value I guess.

What do you think?

One of the closest rival apps for Watchletic charges 5x more per month for very similar functionality.

I guess there's room to grow, MRR-wise. 💸

I'd like to support import of more third-party services for Watchletic.

But most take aaages to develop a public api!

I've reverse engineered one of them. Should I implement it?

Almost every support mail I get for Watchletic starts with "Thank you for creating an awesome app..."

Obviously feels great but not used to getting so much praise when getting bug reports.

Is this feeling impostor syndrome? 😅

Wohoo, finally reached three digits of paid subscribers for Watchletic!

Working on FIT file export for Watchletic.

Not a strictly requested feature but will hopefully give even more data to TrainingPeaks allowing me to stay ahead of the curve of any potential competitors.

I'm sure my users will love it!

In about 2.5 weeks I'll ski for something like 8-9 hours. Will be the ultimate test for Watchletic if it works for that long!

Currently away on ski holiday so not a lot of marketing going on, just opening App Store Connect every day hoping the subscriptions have continued rising 😅