Going to start getting a bit active on Twitter for Lubba as well. Maybe write more about running tips and tricks etc.

What features do you think a running app for Apple Watch should have?
Found my initial notes for Lubba (in Swedish) on my reMarkable. From like 7-8 months ago!

Close to finishing features requested for a new release of Lubba.

Love the feeling of delivering real requested features!

Thinking of doing marketing.

I'm wondering if that is enough.

Wohoo, great news this morning, got accepted for the developer API to Twitter! Finally! #buildinpublic
Have read through them all and taken notes. Actually kind of weirdly fun to learn all ins and outs.

Honestly don't think my proposed app is in violation. Let's see if I can answer Twitter's concerns in a good way.

Wish me luck! 🤞

I've run Apple Search Ads for a couple of weeks now.

NOT a success for me. About $25 per actual download. A bit steep for a freemium app.

Some learnings though which is always valuable and I'm sure I've much to learn in terms of optimization.

Fixed the toolbar on mobile so it doesn't collide with the native selection. And a bigger hit area!

Got another subscriber to Lubba Premium today. Every single time it feels great! #iosdev #buildinpublic
What I'm doing? Nah, nothing much. Just adding AI to Kludd!

Jasper is valued at $1.5B! That is CRAZY for a wrapper around OpenAI! 😳

I can do that for Kludd. And will. Here we go!

Next up, integrating some AI. If that doesn't make it a better version of existing Kludd, what will?!

OK, first Proof of Concept is here!

Simple text editing, real time sync with other users, just share the URL with someone and you have instant shared notes.

No auth yet so all notes are public (if you know the URL, not listed anywhere)

I'm doing a bit of a coup with Kludd. Rewriting it to work well with mobile devices, not just desktop.

I will soon have something to show.

Help me make it more visited than the regular Kludd website!

Image generated with DALL-E 2, tagline generated by ChatGPT. An astronaut running with the Lubba app on the moon!

Could this be the future of marketing?

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Just sent a new update to Lubba for App Store review with some features requested by paying users.

Fingers crossed it goes through without a hitch🤞

#iosdev #buildinpublic
Currently averaging ~50 new downloads per day for Lubba, awesome!

The more users, the more feedback, the better product.

Working on two small new features for Lubba requested by subscribers.

Love getting feedback for things real people want and not just guessing!

Already starting to get a couple of subscribers since switching from paid to freemium for Lubba. Very motivating! #iosdev #buildinpublic