It is critical to know who your target market is. But you should be aware that adaptation of your software may not be by your original target market. So be adaptive. Being too rigid in your startup journey would break you #buildinpublic
One skill you need to learn in developing software is to anticipate what your user will use it for.
My long game is picking a niche then expanding by targeting vertical markets for the app without making it convoluted for each vertical #buildinpublic
Order to cash, requisition to payment, financial management, inventory management, and records to report. We found that each sub processes within these processes is a business opportunity. #buildinpublic
Inventory checking with accounting entries for sales invoice transaction. #buildinpublic #accounting #SaaS
Who can i follow who is also building B2B software? #buildinpublic
SMBs look for consistent and practical solutions to their everyday problems. #buildinpublic
How do you handle your taxes as solo founders? #buildinpublic
Hire a freelancer and be at the mercy of their availability. Hire a full time staff and worry about productivity.

Just do it yourself.
BPMN with swim lanes. Use swim lanes to determine what goes into each screen for ui/ux #buildinpublic
How do you map out processes that you are going to automate?
Doing deep reflection to start crafting our mission and vision statement.
Any advise ?

Is it advisable to get a business partner who would handle sales and marketing? What to lookout for? #buildinpublic
When founders say their solution is easy to use, it is because it is easy for them or easy for their users?

Never dismiss difficult users too quickly. They seem difficult bec. they ask a lot of questions & ask for/about a lot of things. This means they are using & exploring your product. Qualify & satisfy their needs and you would gain a long term & even a lifetime user.
Customer: why is your software so restrictive.

Programmer: ok, let me relax some validation and restriction rules.

Customer: if it's not supposed to work that way, then why did your software let me do it.
#balance fail
Preview of how you can setup beginning balances of your inventory and how you can make adjustments.
Once lost a client to someone who committed to deliver a project way earlier than what we told the client. 2 months past our estimate, the project still isn't halfway done.

How do you prevent losing clients to someone who over commits?
Our tax system is so complex and so restrictive that it limits so much innovations that can be introduced through automation. #Philippines #buildinpublic
Nobody knows your product more than you. But you won't know who your users truly are until you launch your product