In @nocodeexits this week you learn how @bagelsangranola

🌝 made an SMS habit tracker with nocode
πŸ’ͺ build this to solve her own problem
πŸͺ„ created a framework to help you validate ideas
πŸ§ͺ grew her product to 52 paid users with #buildinpublic, SEO and growth loop experiments
No-Code Exits v2 in progress.

Which information / filters would you find useful here?

@IlzeSvarcbaha Ooeeeh curious. πŸ‘€ Will you #buildinpublic so we can follow? 😊
There are people who HATE building… ☠️
That is hard to believe as a No-Coder, right?

Even harder to believe…
There are people who LOVE marketing... 🀒

WHAT I hear you thinking πŸ™€

I will #buildinpublic something for these strange peopleπŸ˜‚during @nocode_weekend.

What? πŸ‘‡
Stats on @nocodeexits #12 from last week.

1.924 recipients (+239)
52 % open rate
21 % openers clicked a link
Ad Revenue (total since issue 8): $2.410

I got an interesting Hacker News spike

31 Dec 2022

What do you think is a feasible goal?

Sneak peek πŸ‘€

Built with:
@softr_io (in 1,5 hours)

Scraping to Airtable with:
@bardeenai (took me in total a day to figure out)

Next step:
Improve copy & scraping (more sources and fix some errors)

❀️Felt good to get my hands dirty again on an MVP.

Stats on No-Code Exits #11 from last week.

1.685 recipients (+136)
51 % open rate
18 % openers clicked a link

Very interesting findings from my audience survey.
4 new experiments in my newsletter No-Code Exits.

I will share findings later.

Building my newsletter in public has helped with:

1. Validation
2. Finding sponsors
3. Receiving opportunities (collabs, acquisition,...)
4. Connecting with other newsletter writers
5. Generating FOMO πŸ˜…

Thanks to building No-Code Exits in public:

- Advertisers contact me
- I can easily find cross promotions
- I get advice from other newsletter creators
- I receive a lot of support from readers
- More visibility for No-Code Exits

Hey #buildinpublic

βœ… Do you have kids of 8 years and older?

➑️ We are looking for some feedback from parents on our concept and landing page for Indie Kids v2.

Drop a comment or DM me if you want to help. It just takes a few minutes. πŸ™
Coffee: βœ…
Croissant: βœ…
Quiet house: βœ…
Rainy day: βœ…

Perfect time for #100daysofnocode Build Weekend. I will be working for a few hours on the examples for our landing page.

Some stats on No-Code Exits newsletter #7 from last week.

1.094 recipients (+109)
49% open rate
21% openers clicked a link
$525 total ad revenue
Preparing an audience survey to learn more about the readers

@hdkstr and I are working on a new project. Our first steps:

1. Build waitlist by building in public

2. Create simple landing page with attractive pre-sale offer

3. Share landing page with waitlist + our network

4. Validate idea by getting some first sales

I really enjoyed this newsletter/post of @MeetKevon about warming up people for your launch.

Some nice lessons for Indie Kids v2.

Some stats on No-Code Exits newsletter #6 from last week.

1.094 recipients (+315)
54% open rate
20% openers clicked a link
$525 ad revenue
Tweet from big account is responsible for the pretty spike

Next interview tomorrow in your mailbox ⚑️

Received some questions about this.
In the spirits of #buildinpublic, here are the DM's I received:
- 1 cross promotion
- 1 affiliate deal
- 5: unsure if the product is a good fit for my readers
- 5: good fit but didn't pay yet
- 3: good fit and paid(2/3 bought multiple ad spots)
Anyone interested in advertising in No-Code Exits ?

Subscribers: 1017
Open Rate: γ€œ50%
Click Rate: γ€œ20%

Price: 50USD

Slide in my DM's 🀝
Some stats on No-Code Exits newsletter #5 from last week.

779 recipients (+54)
49% open rate
24% openers clicked a link

Yesterday I sold the first ad spots (from some great products) for next issues ($340 in total).

Next interview tomorrow πŸ‘€βš‘οΈ.