Public dashboards are now available in Now you can show off how well your site performs to everyone! #buildinpublic #webperf
Another update to announce! You now have the ability to make your @illuminatr_io dashboard public so anyone can access it 🙌 That's 3 levels of access:
1. Private for you
2. Give access to others by email address
3. Public
#buildinpublic #corewebvitals
Reworked the footer for tonight. Much nicer and easier to read. #buildinpublic
Reworked the footer for tonight. Much nicer and easier to read! #buildinpublic
Reworked the footer for tonight. Much nicer! Before on the left, right after. #buildinpublic
Got a documentation site setup for
@illuminatr_io using Notion in combination with a Cloudflare worker to run the Notion site on a custom domain with friendlier URL's. Check it out on #buildinpublic
Happy to announce that my project has launched 🎉 Start a free 10 day trial today and shine a light on your Core Web Vitals 📊🔦 #ux #seo #webperf #corewebvitals #buildinpublic
Pretty clear when I fixed up my Cloudflare worker! Reports 204 immediately back to client and uses `waitUntil` to continue processing fetch request and other work. Previously was exiting immediately after the fetch. #buildinpublic
Making great progress with @illuminatr_io and have most of the basic workflows setup 🎉 Next up is the fun part building out the dashboard 📈📊 #buildinpublic #webperf
Got the booster vaccine yesterday 💉 and feeling rough today 😫 but still managing to work on @illuminatr_io tonight to get the Rails API setup. Now handles the @Netlify background functions sending Core Web Vitals data #buildinpublic
Working on the Core Web Vitals script for @illuminatr_io tonight #buildinpublic
- @vite_js library mode for bundling
- hosted on Netlify
- Cloudflare DNS and proxied through Cloudflare lives! This will be my #buildinpublic SaaS product to track Core Web Vitals for your website 📊⚡️ Sign up and/or follow on @illuminatr_io
Keen to have a #corewebvitals dashboard like… but with even more data to drill into? If there's interest I'll start a #buildinpublic SaaS product 😀 What do you think?! #webperf #UX #SEO