You'll be minding your business and someone will just come from nowhere to launch an AI platform with multiple powerful features. And just one feature solves the problem your entire startup is solving 10x better. 😂😂

Startup founders... You guys are the real MVPs o.
If you see a founder today, squeeze six hendred millien into their hands
On the latest episode of my podcast, I talk about tools like @softr_io and @airtable
that have democratized the process of building a web app.
Interestingly, I used both tools to build my new web app that I'm launching on friday! Kent wait! #buildinpublic
It's like I see someone drowning, I lend a hand, and the person refuses and says they can swim, they just enjoy drowning very much😂. I'm tired man.

Anyway. Here's a link to listen… or you listen on Spotify-- The Touchpoint Podcast

No matter how high you climb, stay open to receiving help and learning from others. Matter of factly, you should actively seek the opinions of people you respect, because great heights tend to blur one's vision. It's crucial you remain open to learning from others.
For the 2 billionth time, there's no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Don't believe anyone who claims to have a hack that addresses all marketing needs.

2. Your business changes periodically. When you update a pitch, you do that based on the actual state of the business and not the assumed state

I know tech founders update their messaging and features regularly. An updated pitch helps keep things cohesive.

The descendant of the Codekage😆🤘🏽👉🏽✊🏽🤜🏽👊🏽👐🏾🤲🏼.
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The average person uses 10 apps a day! We need more startups like Zapier that foster interoperability. Maybe more industry focused startups that can connect people to their work stacks.

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At the early stages of a startup founders should invest heavily on seamless UI/UX and customer support. Here's why: ur product'll be buggy (can't escape this). Great UI/UX keeps the customer impressed & comfy, while a responsive support channel allays anxiety. #buildinpublic
Startups hardly go according to plan. Just build anyway #buildinpublic
Yo! Check out my NFT collection…. Don't just check and pass, buy something! 😌

I created everything with different text-to-image AIs

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It's available on all major podcast plaforms.

Check out the video below for a snippet of the latest episode of T2P.

And here's a link to book a startup strategy session

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Is anyone interested in building something cool with Stable Diffusion? Please let me know. I can't code at that level, but I'll support you with marketing

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With startups there's nothing like 'product immunity'. No matter how innovative your startup is, there's no guarantee of success. Do marketing!
I tried out TikTok's text-to-image A.I background generator and here's what it thinks a dark content marketing village looks like.

Plus I talked a bit about #creativecontentmarketing

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What are some crazy cool SaaS marketing strategies you'd love to copy? I admire Hubspot's comprehensive blog. Their content marketing is focused on educating their audience primarily through their blog. It's pretty neat.

Startups should prioritize strategic content distribution over blind SEO efforts. Times change. Searchers are smarter now and require more specific & relatable search results. Startups (especially B2B) should be found wherever their audience is. Agree?