HUGE Opportunity for #builders to start building side projects with top minds of the world!!
@BuildBySTL Thanks @nitprashant @shree_niti @BhimteBhaisaab #letsdothis #buildinpublic

Do you think it is possible to build & launch side-projects with top entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and operators of the world?

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It is NOW 😍
Unbelievable Progress across builders in less than 3 weeks in MVP Demo @BuildBySTL Looking forward to upcoming launches. Many of these products solve everyone's problem 🚀🚀 #buildinpublic #letsdothis
Cool product to discover NFT projects. Thanks, @BhimteBhaisaab @BuildBySTL
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@bansalnagesh, @TPriyadarshini, and I built this because we wanted to discover and evaluate NFT projects properly before buying.

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Twitter is beyond top creators too.
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What a ming blowing session🔥 Super High on Energy @nitprashant Thanks @BuildBySTL @shree_niti @BhimteBhaisaab
30 mins talk by @thisiskp_ was a masterclass.
Looking Forward #LetsDoThis #buildinpublic