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Do all this in public and the right people will eventually find you.

We made some progress on creating a dashboard to generate our CryptoCoffee widget.

Kudos to @CreakFoder, @Shubham03570297, and @0xBhaisaab

Currently, we are improving our UI and the flow.

Our MVP will be out very soon, here's a sneak peek!👀

#buildinpublic #Crypto…
Sneak peek into our MVP!👀, More features as we move on :)

+ We also have @CreakFoder in our gang now!…
Progress Check: 🎉

1. Improved the website flow and UI

2. Completed Collecting 100 Best Performing Facebook/Instagram Ads of different Indian Companies and categorized them.

3. Launching the website this Sunday, 5th Sep. With the data that I've right now.


Build and fail as much as you can to figure out things that will work and which can actually become a proper startup. 🚀

#LetsDoThis #buildinpublic