time flies with development of TurboNav and yet I feel I'm not ready... 🤦

one of my objectives is to launch on Product Hunt. when? not sure, but I made a list of what's important.

aiming to accomplish this before a launch!

I'm excited to see that @MeetKevon has a new course on building in public.

If you don't know where to start, if it feels daunting to #buildinpublic, this is for you!
It's time for me to announce my new course:

Build in Public Mastery! 🎉

Being open & public about my work has helped me a lot as an entrepreneur. And I'm putting together all the mindset exercises, frameworks & systems to help you do it.

Learn more👇👇
Just signed up to @MeetPublicLab for the August cohort. Looking forward to connecting with others!

I've made my mission official. The goal with @TurboNavExt is to "Achieve Inbox Zero for your Browser Tabs"

I've posted that as my latest milestone on IndieHackers:…

#buildinpublic #Productivity
Landing Page Tweak #1:
Updates to Above the Fold:
* Title now reflects the ultimate goal which is "inbox zero for your browser"
* Added a screenshot of what the extension looks like

Let's see if this improves sign ups
Alrighty! My concept extension landing page is up! Now to collect feedback
#buildinpublic #indiehackers

Anyone interested in yet another tab manager?…