What does #buildinpublic mean anyway? Can it even be done without twitter/threads?
I need a new logo for Aptabase as I dislike the current one, but I’m also out of ideas / inspiration for one.

Any suggestions on what to do next? What’s your process to come up with a logo? #buildinpublic
My portfolio of small bets, ordered by average monthly income 😊

OSS Donations

How many products/services do you have? #buildinpublic
Today I sent my first batch of "License Upgrade" notification for those who bought a personal license and are using it as part of a team.

Let's see how this goes🤞

6 days of barely no sales, feeling bad and demotivated

... and then 🔥🔥🔥 the largest ever transaction made on Paddle came through. Feeling pumped now, ready to keep pushing it forward!

The startup rollercoaster is real 🎢 #buildinpublic
Someone signs up for your SaaS but does not complete the onboarding

What do you do? #buildinpublic
Still need to make filters a bit more flexible, but I'm pretty happy with the current state and the design.

I just added React Native to the list of supported frameworks 🎉

Over the last 2 months I built 9 SDKs in 6 different programming languages, it's been a lot of fun and I learned a lot so far 😊

Another reason why we build in public. Twitter is my top 1 traffic source. In parallel I’m working on SEO which is soon catching up.

What’s your top 1 source? #buildinpublic
Any indie building android native apps with Kotlin? #buildinpublic
Am I the only one taking most of my SaaS revenue as salary? 🤔

What do you with your SaaS profits? #buildinpublic
I joined 11 months ago.

Today I paid myself £500 for the first time.

Only a small amount, but a big milestone as we move slowly closer to ramen profitability.

What a great feeling!
Pricing: ✅

Plan for the next 2 days is improve landing page and marketing copy, 3 new blog posts and a competitor alternative page.

Need to go all in on SEO right from start 🔥 #buildinpublic
That moment when it's been 24 hours since the last sign up and you create an account yourself just to validate it's still working 🙈

hey founders, what do you usually do on a marketing week? #buildinpublic
Yesterday I did the official launch of @aptakube and here are some numbers and my thoughts on it.

👇 #indiehacker #buildinpublic 👇
A key take away from yesterday’s launch:

Selling to developers (B2C) is tough! It’s a very price sensitive profile.


I’ll share some launch stats tomorrow. The Reddit community amazing! #buildinpublic #indiehacker
Aptakube is trending on Reddit 🔥 we even got an award 🌟

Join the discussion 👉…
I’m finding it difficult to stay focused recently, even on days where I can dedicate 100% of my time to my projects.

What do you all do to get the some quality productive hours? #buildinpublic #indiehackers