I want to speak to landing page #buildinpublic makers (founders, marketers, copywriters) about their page.

If you're open to being interviewed, I'd love to hear from you πŸ’œ
I want to speak to landing page #buildinpublic makers (founders, marketers, copywriters) about their page.

If you're open to being interviewed, I'd love to hear from you πŸ’œ
@SenjaHQ It's extremely early days for us but we're excited to be sharing our progress with the #buildinpublic family.

We don't want to just share happy milestones, so look out for a post soon on exactly how we got there.
Thanks to @BetaList for showing @SenjaHQ some πŸ’œ

And thanks to the #buildinpublic community for your love and comments.

We're working hard to make collecting powerful video and text testimonials a breeze πŸ”₯
Just hosted @SenjaHQ's first webinar with the INCREDIBLE and EXTREMELY insightful @MarieMartens and @arvidkahl.

Thanks to everyone who attended. We did a deep-dive into #buildinpublic. I'll be sharing insights over the next few weeks.
Struggling to validate your startup's idea or get your first customers?

Me @arvidkahl and @MarieMartens are going to show you how in our #buildinpublic webinar starting in 25 minutes.

7 free slots remaining
It's not too late!

I just opened up 20 more slots for tomorrow's free #buildinpublic webinar with @MarieMartens @arvidkahl and me ✨

βœ… What is build in public?
βœ… What to share / what to keep private
βœ… How to start from 0
βœ… Your landing page roasted
Heard of #buildinpublic but don't know where to start?πŸ¦„πŸ™

Want to validate your idea, be held accountable, and sign up your first users?

Join my free webinar with @arvidkahl and @MarieMartens this week!

+ I'll be roasting your landing pages live πŸ—
I'll be live roasting landing pages πŸ—πŸ”₯

And the incredible @MarieMartens and @arvidkahl will be sharing #buildinpublic insights.

Register before it's too late ⬇️⬇️
Want to #buildinpublic but not sure where to start?

Join our FREE webinar with @arvidkahl @MarieMartens from @TallyForms and @helloitsolly and learn from experts!

50 slots only. Register free here:
July #buildinpublic update for @SenjaHQ ⬇️⬇️

This week's plan:

Product: showcase a new product 'wow' moment
Marketing: all in on LinkedIn -

πŸ’œ daily posts
πŸ’œ sharing in communities
πŸ’œ 15 outbound
πŸ’œ 5x comments daily
July Report:

$157 income
$45 MRR (85% Growth)
2K visits
65 signups
3 customers

Most of our time has been spent on improving the product to a point where we're comfortable marketing it like crazy.

Despite that, growth has been great!

Full speed ahead πŸš‚
I'm going to be hosting a webinar with two INCREDIBLE #buildinpublic makers.

What platform should I used to collect registrations and manage the event? @podia @livestormapp @LinkedInUK @Zoom?
Tip! Increase new sign up activation for your SaaS πŸ€—

BCC yourself into onboarding (and milestone) emails sent to your users.

Then hit reply and send a quick, personal follow up to open conversations.

.@SenjaHQ's social proof widgets were viewed almost 10,000 times last week 🀯

Here's our #buildinpublic stats:

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@IVolchenskov 1. Identify people who like what you do
2. Ask at the right time*
3. Make it super-simple with @SenjaHQ

* Here's what happened when we asked 13 #buildinpublic makers when and how they ask for testimonials:…
Indiemakers and #buildinpublic founders:

A question πŸ™
What is your monthly budget for tools [marketing, hosting, design, productivity, admin etc]?

Why am I asking? 😳
My instinct is lots of startup founders are building only for makers, but most have *tiny* budgets.
#buildinpublic founders with 0 paying customers ❓

Would you trade free access to your product in return for a testimonial (or honest feedback)? πŸ™
Tip: Struggling to convert visitors into customers? 🀬

Go more niche.

Build landing pages for different buyers with the most relevant benefits, pain language and testimonials.

We've just launched our second landing page on Senja - for freelancers. More soon.


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