Social proof to drive sales

Import + inject your testimonials everywhere

Our new BETA Chrome Extension launches today. You can:

✨ Import proof from everywhere
✨ Inject as images, text, links
✨ Grab your form URL

Reply if you want to try it #buildinpublic
@ronyfadel Thanks for the shout out.

We don't need to hit your arbitrary definition of ramen, we do what works for us and our business.

And I shared exactly how we defined ramen here in a #buildinpublic post:…
Funny thing about being bootstrapped is the goals are for me and @euboid to set.

Ramen was important to us, because we want room to build a best-in-class, sustainable business.

And we want a product that delights and helps customers, and impresses our #buildinpublic pals.
Playing with something fun for a couple of hours.


I'm ready for it... what do you think #buildinpublic family?
Slowly, but consistently our plan is coming together.

We're $200 off ramen profitability. So close I can taste it.

Thanks to the #buildinpublic family.

Here's Senja's performance in June:

πŸ’° $8,133 total revenue! (+19.4%)
πŸ’Έ $7,293 MRR (+19.3%)
πŸ‘€ 15K visits (-9%)
πŸš€ 789……
I promised myself a holiday if my SaaS hit ramen ($7,500) in June

We didn't quite make it...

Should I do it anyway?

Exploring a bunch of copy changes to our SaaS landing page.

What do you think #buildinpublic?

First up, the hero:

We want to focus on getting MORE testimonials rather than your first. Most our buyers are scaling collection not starting out.
OMFG we just passed $7,000MRR at

I screamed.

We are SO CLOSE to our ramen goal of $7,500.

That holiday I promised myself is looking closer.

I cannot believe it.

Thank you every single #buildinpublic person who has supported us.

This is wild.

A whole-new way to showcase social proof on your website.

Check out our new testimonial pop-up widget.

Live today on Senja πŸ’œ

Working on something new today #buildinpublic

For customers: add your social proof across your website in seconds.

For us: more widgets, more views, more Powered By marketing for Senja.

What do you think?
We're BACK on Product Hunt tomorrow with a major new feature.

Introducing Senja Spin the Wheel 🎑

Check it out and give this tweet a like if you're open to support us #buildinpublic
Roast my... Twitter account.

If you're looking to drive more awareness and customers from #buildinpublic speak to @arvidkahl πŸ’œ
In my efforts to get out of my own way, I am now offering Twitter Teardowns.

These $100 teardowns will result in a ~15min video of me drilling into a Twitter account on all fronts.

Outcome: you'll know exactly what levers to pull for growth.

Just shipped: the all-new resize menu πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

Get the *perfect* testimonial image for your platform.

Before: a few destinations, one image size each.

Now: loads of destinations, pick your exact image placement.

New milestone unlocked 🀯

Our bootstrapped SaaS hit $6,000MRR.

And 250 paying customers.

Thanks to the #buildinpublic fam for all the support.
#buildinpublic is incredible

Two days ago I shared our struggles building

The outpouring of advice, kindness and offers was (HONESTLY!) unbelievable.

I read every single word, and with @euboid we've created a plan of action. Here it is:
Daily and weekly marketing tasks for my SaaS.

What does yours look like #buildinpublic crew?
There are some genuinely incredible responses to this - advice, words of support and encouragement, ideas. THANK YOU.

It will take some time to read through it all, but I see it, and I am listening. Thank you to the #buildinpublic family.
I promised to share the good and bad with #buildinpublic

Here's the bad
How #buildinpublic got us to 5K MRR...

...and what's next for our SaaS

Live in 50 mins.

Join me and @euboid for a nice chat πŸ’œ

+ we'll be answering your questions HONESTLY.

We're the final speakers in the @heysummit……