Twitter is crazy 🤯

My mini-roasts yesterday led to £1,047 in revenue - 4 bookings #buildinpublic 🤗🤗
We did @euboid 🎉🎉

We officially got our first paying customer for our startup

Thanks to the #buildinpublic fam for the ❤️ and support 🤗
I'm going to be replying to founders and makers for the next hour ⏰⏳

Send your landing page over #buildinpublic

Also, take a look at my replies for tips, and check out
Latest #buildinpublic update for

🚀 Re-order testimonials for your widgets
✅ 2 new ways to share your Collection Form
🎉 And coming very soon - something I can't talk about yet but really ❤️
Just completed V2 of testimonial reordering.
I used to be wary of implementing things like this but now I get excited when it's time to do it 😅
Good morning ⭐️

Love waking up to new users of @SenjaHQ ❤️

What are you working on today? Tag your project ⬇️

Looking gooooood @EmmeMaker @SikiraAmer 🔥💪
👍 New sign ups - (sort of) easy
👎 Getting them to actually use the product - tough

People visit, sign up, click around a bit, and disappear.

So for now I'm pausing new user acquisition, and focusing on activating the sign ups we've had #buildinpublic
We've massively simplified's pricing and made it affordable for indie makers and early stage startups.

Our original pricing page looked 'grown up' but had too many choices, and lots of complexity (metered, features, time period).

Pricing Before / After
Less = More
I've now made $100,000 video roasting SaaS landing pages 🚀😱

My exact no-code stack?

Website: @webflow
Video: @TellaHQ
Email: @enchargeio
Blog: @ghost
Marketing: #buildinpublic
Forms: @TallyForms
Analytics @heap
Client portal: @spp_app
Added @basecamp-style testimonials into my landing page Hero using @SenjaHQ #buildinpublic

Will measure performance and share any changes.

New landing page is live on

New focus on build, manage + share. And 'show not tell' with our own widgets

Copy and structure @helloitsolly
Design and implementation @euboid
Inspo @buymeacoffee and @TellaHQ
Feedback? #buildinpublic family
@SenjaHQ Making great progress on the new @SenjaHQ landing page implementation #buildinpublic

Working on the biggest update to Senja's landing page since I started building it back in January.

It's the first step toward a new direction for Senja.

I've never been more proud of a landing page that I built for a SaaS. It'll most likely be out by today 😁
First #buildinpublic marketing sprint for @SenjaHQ

❌ Reach out and interview new sign ups
✅ Add @heap to track conversion on marketing site
✅ Implement onboarding emails with @enchargeio
✅ Track conversations about testimonials with @syften_com
✅ Publish first blog posts
It's extremely early days but I'm excited about the next steps.

Me and @euboid are committed to continue to #buildinpublic, sharing the highs, and perhaps more interestingly the lows, of growing a business from 0 customers.
I've joined the incredibly smart @euboid as co-founder of @SenjaHQ a new #buildinpublic project is a beautiful platform to collect, manage, and share your testimonials.
New #buildinpublic update

I collect client feedback using @typeform after every roast. Questions include a rating out of 5.

Here's how the last 50 people answered.

Currently migrating the testimonials to a Wall of Love.
Just shipped 🎉🎉🎉

New marketing automation for RMLP 🚨

When a newsletter subscriber views my checkout page I get an instant Slack alert 🗣

+ 24 hours later an email reminding me to email them if they didn't buy a roast 🍗❌

Last week got #1 on Product Hunt 🥇

Here's what happened:

🤗 Over 8,000 unique visitors
👀 Almost 30,000 page views
📧 400+ mailing list subscribers
🐦 250 new Twitter followers

#buildinpublic #openstartup
Performance of my first teardown newsletter 🎯

Sent to combined list 24 hours ago #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic

Good open and click rate and 1.1% unsubscribes. Drove over 150 visits to @bannerbearHQ too.
Who are in the #buildinpublic makers sharing their challenges and insights?

Not *just* revenue milestones for likes.