Check it out #buildinpublic -- just broke $100 in WRR 😎
You know what, #buildinpublic?

I kinda sorta like making screenshots now
@arvidkahl @ProductHunt Hey Arvid! Thank you for taking the time to record this 🙌

Since audience is the secret to a successful launch, and #buildinpublic creates an audience, seems the best thing to do is to keep building and launching diff things, to get my name out there

What do you think?
@WrongsToWrite If you #buildinpublic, you get to kill two birds with one stone — you get both a product, and audience to go with it
Hey #buildinpublic, I have a question for people who have experience with @ProductHunt

I keep reading these guides about launching that say

*Prepare for 3-4 months in advance*

And here I am with an app that took 4 days to make.

Are small projects not for PH?

Get your Online Dating Game On with AI Generated Opener Lines is almost here!

This was by far the quickest MVP I have ever delivered, with about 3 days of development time

Launching soon!

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@qwer1tf Working on finishing up the MVP for

I will be making a #buildinpublic post in a couple of hours, once done
@dagorenouf I literally did not expect it, but participating in #buildinpublic actively has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my solopreneur career

I have literally learned so damn much

- I learned how do do basic copywriting
- I learned about GTP-3 + tools
- about marketing
@T_Zahil I feel like I was really lucky to pick a great community to participate in

I literally had people talking to me in day-1 of joining #buildinpublic and #indiehackers

I feel very welcomed, and as if I am part of a big family

Sappy, but it’s the truth
Anybody got some good resources about how to do a successful ProductHunt launch?

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@worth_parker The #buildinpublic folks are always open about sharing failures just as much as successes

Awesome community
Ah yes, domain #24 is surely going to be the one that pops off!

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Heya #buildinpublic! I’ve got around 2 months worth of runway left to work full-time on my startup. So here’s my plan

Until I run out of savings, I will literally throw as much 💩 at the wall as I can. Whatever idea comes to mind, I’ll A/B test it and ship it

Let’s go 😤
Good old times 🥹

Sometimes I miss working on Behemoth so much & get tempted to get back to working on it

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There is no greater disappointment than shipping a new, shiny feature, and finding out by A/B testing that it performs worse than the previous version

Honestly, sucks so much

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
I was thinking

How about we increase our prices with every sale we make?

Talk about creating urgency lol

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
@thatroblennon Twitter taught me that social media doesn’t need to be a waste of time

I genuinely feel like spending time with the #buildinpublic folks is a very good ROI
Sometimes you just want to add the features that you want to add 😬

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