We all naturally gravitate towards associating with other people that think like us, which makes us susceptible to join echo chambers

If we’re going to join an echo chamber, it might as well be one that helps us be successful

I know one like that — #buildinpublic
Hey #buildinpublic!

For the past few days, I've been tweeting about fancy ideas and insights -- But with this one, I just wanted to say hi

Hope everyone is having a great week so far 👋
@depixelado I'm doing a few, but the latest one is a social media. Idea was to build a community around Self-Improvement

So, every post has to be related to a goal you're pursuing. It's all about showing off your progress

Kindof like #buildinpublic, for life

WBU? Working on anything cool?
If you’ve got an addictive personality, harness that. Make it your secret weapon

Get addicted to success.

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Just started working on an Android library called MVPKit

I basically took all the reusable code I've ever written, and dumped it into a library

The idea is to use this library whenever I build a new app. Should reduce development time by lots

#bootstrap #android #buildinpublic
There are three attributes that building a #startup forces you to acquire:

- solving problems
- learning fast
- paying attention

The journey is not easy. In fact it’s harder than I expected. But it’s worth it

#bootstrap #buildinpublic #indiedev #indiehacker
#Business and #life in general operate on a very simple premise

You win if you provide value

This is a fact I have to keep reminding myself every time I get tempted to add a small, gimmicky paid feature for some extra bucks

#buildinpublic #indiehacker #startup #bootstrap
@pacosainzw Hey Paco, that looks pretty sweet!

Hope you don’t mind the feedback — I’ve been looking over what kind of post becomes popular on #buildinpublic, and I noticed that screenshots that have a background generally perform better. Here’s what I’m talking about (from @SebastianRoehl)
@rodrigoakarolo I think we're in different categories. We're not talking about returns to brag. We're talking about them for the sake of transparency

#buildinpublic is all about shedding light on an intrinsically obscure path. We're trying to figure it out together, and openness is part of that
One thing I love about #bootstrap projects - they have personality

Every time I visit a website made by one of the #buildinpublic folks, it oozes personality

Some are funny, some are friendly, some are slick — all of them are a pleasure to use
The key to success? Steal.

Barely any information is new. Everything has already been said before 🤐

But people don't follow you for information. They follow you for:

- authenticity
- experience
- personal insight

It's all about your personal spin 🌪️

#buildinpublic #startup
The best way of interacting with your followers? Questions.

If you participate in the #buildinpublic subculture, you have a vast pool of experience, ideas, and knowledge that’s 280 characters and a question mark away

I feel lucky for having this opportunity
#buildinpublic inspires me.

Every day, I see people that see problems in the world, and set out to solve them themselves.

I see people that embrace chaos and uncertainty

And I see a community that encourages looking past failure
They say the first 50 are the hardest, right?
Seeing some decent growth in Krush. DAU seems to have settled around 15-20 from 10 DAU last week
You know why I like the #buildinpublic community?

I saw so many of you guys talking about marketing your product, sharing memes about it, and showing stats

...that I actually started doing it
You know what? I kindof love the new "Add Button" animation 🤩

Just hit a new record for Daily Active Users 😎

In the #bootstrap community there seems to be this meme:

Just ship fast bro

Which is good advice, but insinuates something wrong:

“Just get a shitty MVP out”


The MVP should be basic in terms of features, but very well polished! Should be NICE!

You know what? Discord is not half bad for creating some traffic.

It's highly targeted, and as long as you're not overly spammy, it's a great platform to show off your stuff