Day 41. Database all set up and API is responding nicely to requests. Time to register a domain. I chose and used @Namecheap to register it. I'll publish the Postman docs as soon as the domain propagates. @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #buildinpublic
Day 40. As promised, spent the day comparing postgres cloud providers. Selected because 1. Its OSS which is awesome and 2. The extra stuff that comes out of the box are mind-blowing. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping @supabase @madewifsupabase
Day 39. I finally settled on which has a free tier thats perfect for testing. This got me thinking about outsourcing the db too since persisting data in a container is a bad idea. I'll look around on Monday. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping
Day 38. Finally got docker-compose and git done. But then encountered the first problem: Kafka is such a memory hog it can't run on the tiny EC2 instance I'm using to test. Seems I'll have to outsource this part of the infra. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping
Day 37. After comparing a few cloud hosting providers, I decided on aws as I have experience with it and i'm in a hurry. Spent the day setting up docker compose and git on an EC2 instance. It's harder than you'd think. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 36. Just when I was about to publish the docs, I realized that Postman expects the endpoints to be live. So I started laying the groundwork for deploying the app. I'm torn between heroku and aws. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 35. All done with the Reports, and with that all the API reference documentation. I'll spend some time tomorrow proofreading, then I'll publish the docs on postman. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 34. Still on the Assignments, I had to create and test new Transaction endpoints for assignments, both for the assigned and the cleared Transaction. Tomorrow I can start on the last part: Reports #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 32 - 33. Took a while, but I finally resolved all the issues between Taxes and Discounts. Next I'll start working on Transaction Assignments. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 31. Run into some problems involving the combination of Taxes and Discounts on the same Line Item. I have several ideas on how to solve them that I'll try tomorrow. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 30. All done with Line Items. Will move on to Taxes and Discounts tomorrow. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 29. Finally done with the Transactions endpoint docs. Started on Line Items, though much of the work was already covered while dealing with the Transactions. They shouldn't take too long to clear. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 27 - 28. While working on Transactions and Line Items, had to involve Taxes and Discounts since they are all interconnected. Deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole... #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #Bookkeeping #Accounting
Day 26. Still working on the Transactions, had to rope in the line items so that the test cases could function. As I said, this is like the core of the whole platform. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API @laravelnews @laravelio @LaravelEloquent
Day 25. Today I started working on one of, if not the most complicated parts of the system: Transactions. So many cases came up that I didn't manage to finish with them. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API, @laravelnews @laravelio @LaravelEloquent
Day 24. Quite a few more cases came up while working on Reporting Periods, Balances, Accounts and Categories, but I finally completed the docs for these resources as well. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API, @laravelnews @laravelio @LaravelEloquent
Day 23. Done with docs for Entities, Currencies and Exchange Rates. New use/corner cases keep showing up as I go along, so this will probably take a while as I have to stop and write tests for them before moving on. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API
Day 22. I think I'm more or less finished with a viable MVP, now to show it to the world (the real judge). I started working on the API reference on Postman to smoothen the dev experience when onboarding. #buildinpublic @100dayscode @getpostman #API
Day 21. After a short break, I'm back to setting up the nginx to work with the backend docker apps. Encountered some difficulty with serving the static files for the html and psd reports, but finally got it. #buildinpublic @100dayscode #API #bookkeeping
Day 20. So far I've been running both apps using the in built PHP dev server. I figured its time to dockerize the apps as well. Spent the day configuring the official nginx image to pass requests to the two backends. #buildinpublic @100dayscode @MicroSvcArch