Giving our quarterly #buildinpublic update with @Martin_Adams @iamsvenh and @joinendevr . Join us in the link below
Going to be going live at 10pm UK time with the @coStarting cohort. So if you’re curious to watch what’s been going on with Flowtelic, come set a reminder:
Tomorrow i'm gonna do a webinar showing you how to build a responsive design using real data with @harmony__cb . Register or follow me for more info 😎 #nocode #uiuxdesign #buildinpublic…
We believe #nocode is about making app development more accessible! So, you asked us for a bigger font in the build……
And to eat our own dog food, it's built in itself 😉

#buildinpublic #NoCode #lowcode
Final costarting #buildinpublic update happening today.
It's happening! Final @costarting meetup of my fantastic cohort, featuring @cweilaender, @martin_adams, @joinendevr, and @elliotledley. Many thanks to our fearless organizer, @iamsvenh. See how it all ends at 5pm Eastern, 2p Pacific!
Just doing #customerexperience in insurance and i'm really surprised at how curious, open and interested people are!

Looking forward to doing more interviews. If you know anyone who i can ask about their customer experience goals DM! 😀
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Adding aria labels to the elements for accessibility. Just sayin cause im proud were making things accessible 😎

#accessibility #buildinpublic
Usability testing is the best! Just got amazing feedback from @joinendevr and @amypeniston

Biggest lesson: reduce navigation and find icons that are easily understandable 😅😄

Wouldn't have known with my head so deep in the product.

#buildinpublic #NoCode #uxdesign
A million times nicer than the red lines we had before for pointing out selections 😄 #buildinpublic @coStarting
Theres some new selection mechanics. What do you think of it? Is it easy to see?

Also, you can toggle the edit vs view mode with ctrl-y now!

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Just realised... maybe Harmony should do the updates of Harmony. 🤔 New policy implemented now.

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Harmony is 1 week away from private beta!

You’ll be able to use (and create your own) components so you don’t have to rebuild the whole UI from elements.
Here’s a preview of it. More to come!
Join the waitlist:

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Wondering... what are the best user experiences you had with self-service?

#marketing #selfservice #buildinpublic #costarting #customerexperience
Are you generating a lot of leads though your website? Because providing value really early is important, we summarised some of the best tactics →

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Because we're all struggling to release that first beta, I'm sharing my experiences, challenges and learnings over the next few weeks while doing ours - launch date of the private beta is next week! 🤩🤓:…

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Build in public update!
@Harmony_CBase is almost ready to ship.

We’ve moved the UI over to being built in Harmony itself. Now we’re eating out own dogfood!

Join the waitlist:
#buildinpublic #nocode @coStarting