learning to optimize webgpu app workflow (for machine learning) was quite fun

since I had to play with shaders anyway, decided to ship one straight into img-cut ui 🧙
#buildinpublic #webgpu #threejs
1 more thing before officially releasing 🎉

while running the AI/ML + math on webgpu takes less than 100ms, it takes seconds to move image from gpu to cpu to display it on the canvas... there seems to be a way though... 🤔💡

back to work #buildinpublic
beta-testes welcome #buildinpublic 🤠

deployed an early version of Img-Cut ( - a free handy service that has one of best-in-class capabilities when it comes to background removal 🏞

what's the catch? it runs quite a large and powerful AI model directly……
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in #buildinpublic community there’s that evergreen 🍃 question of choosing the right tech stack for your startup

while technologies change and have potential for gains when it comes to execution they are not what really matters at early stages

sweat where it matters 🥵
- 🧑 growth ➡️ things get serious, time to rethink the foundation 🧱
- 🧔 expansion ➡️ new foundation will start paying off allowing you to handle userbase growth📈
- 👴 stable ➡️ there’s always need to fix and try new things, keep the stack modular enough ⚙️

it's all fun and games until customers start using your product 😜 #buildinpublic
quick advice for builders in the #AI space 🤖
make sure your value prop is not the AI itself - it's always about the problem not the shiny tech you use to solve it

product photo shoots now even easier with predefined styles so that customers don't have to get prompt engineer certification™ 😅