Nr. 1 question I got asked about hiring Ukrainians:

Do they speak English?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: We do not recommend those who do not speak fluent English.

Once I launched @RemotelyTalents I was a bit afraid that we'll not find the right talent, maybe there will be some problems with the English language or some other challenges.

With every new headhunting project, I have more and more trust in Ukrainian talent.

From the middle of June until today, we've hired 10 talented Ukrainians. My goal is to hire at least 25 Ukrainians per month.

It will take time, but I will reach it.

It's hard to believe, but since the launch of @RemotelyTalents in the middle of June we've already managed to hire 10 Ukrainian talents. Somebody might say that's not much. I would strongly disagree!

What does it mean for us?

If somebody had told me 5 years ago that I'll launch a headhunting company that is sourcing talents in a war thorn country I would have said that they are completely out of their mind.

Productized services is a business model/concept that I was always fascinated by. With @RemotelyTalents I'm trying to use this philosophy by offering a high-value, standardized talent headhunting service that can be scaled (with a great in-house team).

For the last two months, I was trying to understand who is the ICP of @RemotelyTalents and whom should I target. So I tested various industries.

I've learned that my top ICPs are agency owners and ecommerce/DTC operators.

I've tried doing cold outreach on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Emails. So far only Twitter worked for me. Highest reply rates, easy-to-reach decision-makers, and great conversion rates.

What's your experience?

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"I'm very happy that I found this remote job. I'll be able to support my family and I'll not need to relocate from Ukraine."

Honestly, it feels good... ❤️❤️❤️

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The key to success in managing offshore employees is to treat them like a full-fledged team members.

If you are not doing this, then you are just hiring a freelancer to complete a task.

Build relationships with your team. Know them.

Three months ago I didn't know anything about HR headhunting business, but I took the risk and launched @RemotelyTalents.

Today I'm afraid that our team is not coping with the number of projects we have, so I'm hiring more Talent Scouts.

Isn't that great?

I'm on a mission to help Ukrainians gain prosperity and freedom for their families by providing high-quality remote job offers in EU & US-based companies.

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Business Challenge No.1 (at the moment)

Lead generation. How I'm trying to solve it? >>

Two months already passed since the launch of @RemotelyTalents. We already filled at least 5 roles with ridiculously talented offshore talent from Ukraine.

I'm very proud that we helped to change the lives of at least 5 families.

Best feeling in the world.

I can give a ton of great business advice what mistakes you shouldn't do in your business. This is because I already did them.

Business is cool, but have you ever tried to not give a sh*t?

In a process of testing this software stack for my cold outreach campaigns: - for lead list building
@Breakcold_ - for automated outreach campaigns
@InstantlyAI - for automated outreach

Any tips on what other software I should test?

What is your #B2B sales cold outreach software stack?

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I'm still searching for a great software #SaaS solution for B2B cold outreach on Twitter. Any tips? Suggestions?