Improving the a bit of UX 💫


📢Add notifications to keep you in touch with the updates.
✂️ Copy 📋 paste shortcut (CTRL + C) (CTRL + V). works on images and texts
✨ Clear button to remove all elements from the stage at once.
Btw I made this beautiful screenshot with an unshipped feature in 👀

Damn we're about to hit a milestone 😍
It’ been 6 days since i applied to Twitter developer account.

Does it take this long 🤔💭?

#buildinpublic #developers
Any tips you do when you don't feel like working😮‍💨?
#buildinpublic #burnout
📸Are you using any to capture and share tweets like a pro?
Share your favorites with us! 🐦💻
#TwitterTips #SocialMediaHacks #buildinpublic
I got an idea when i woke up :3
Why not adding a blog page to

I will be sharing everything about the new version of the project there.

What do you think 💭 ?

I am planning to bring more features than just making banners for LinkedIn & Twitter account in @OfficialBafancy 🤔💭

Would you like to suggest any features ? ✨

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Get ready to take your experience to the next level!
Working on shortcut features ✨

Any features suggestion 🤔💭?

Today's delivery 📦👇🏽

🧱 New app layout.
🌈 New gradients (30+ colors).
✨ New frame selection experience using "Modal".

Changes are live now:

Been working on "Banner preview" feature today
The challenge is getting harder this time, which one should i pick for the hero section 💀. #buildinpublic #redesign

Keep it in Center or Left ?
I just liked #buildinpublic ...
Would you like to see more A/B tests while i re-design @OfficialBafancy landing page 🔥 ?
I am looking forward add more features on
Suggestions are welcome 🙏🏽 #buildinpublic
Another A/B test for the project section in my portfolio.
Let me know which one is better ?
Finally it's deployed, GO AND GIVE IT A TRY @OfficialBafancy
12:00:34 AM: Compiled successfully.
@OfficialBafancy Almost there. STAY TUNNED.
Make sure you join the wait list:
I got interesting comments about:
- Improving UX.
- Fixing typo.
- Pricing.
- FAQ section.
- Titles.

Last but not least, I just want to thank #buildinpublic community for reviewing my landing page.
As i mentioned in the last tweet i'm about to start #buildinpublic .
there you go, i will try to share the progress of the project as soon as possible.
Make sure you join the waitlist 💫: