Weekend idea: WIF WIF: Why I Follow, Whom I Follow.

Did you want to know:
• Why someone follows you?
• What content do they like?
• Them giving you a shoutout to let their network know “they followed you”
• Why someone unfollowed you?

Thoughts, alternatives? #buildinpublic
I see many exciting things here at @HaheClub :
1. I get to collaborate with a 16yr fellow @yashjaing.
2. Completely building on #NoCode with @bubble.
3. Following the #BuildInPublic framework from day-1.
Day-4 of #buildinpublic.

The flow began to take shape and that excites me to wake up tomorrow and get things done.

I now sense the madness in building products with #NoCode.

What’s done today:
• Upvotes
• Clickable tags
• Detail page for Question
Day 1 #buildinpublic for @HaheClub 🚀
My first #buildinpublic day went 🚀.

Thanks @The_Klapz_Guy and @yashjaing.

Yash: Had to 1.5x the video-speed, you gotta speak faster brother. 😅
For @HaheClub, we got the following figured out:
1. The "why are we doing this?" question.
2. Team: @yashjaing, @mharish9 & Me.
3. MVP feature set.
4. The "How to distribute" answer.

Good start to NoCode.
Finished the Twitter login for @HaheClub #buildinpublic

P.S: Ignore the design part.
Thanks to this motivation by @tanaypratap : Me, @mharish9 and @yashjaing have begun a NoCode project (4 weekends) to bring structure to “asking and getting 1-1 sessions with experts”.

This will be a #buildinpublic exercise. Very excited.
@The_Klapz_Guy I think that would be a great project. Happy to support and sponsor too.
Began my NoCode journey, today.

Exciting twist after having loved programming for 2 decades.

I’ll be sharing my learnings in pubic.

@5harath @levelsio recent suggestion “consistently posting about progress instead of quotes and 1-liners” made me rethink a lot just when I was possibly drifting away from #buildinpublic.
Knowing the target audience makes the marketing process slightly less nightmarish.

That is why Persona identification is important.

Working on landing page taught me:

• Each landing page is for a user persona.
• Each persona has a:
• Language: most used words.
• Pain points
• North Star metrics

Know the persona before writing the copy.

#copywriting #startups #buildinpublic
Working on Landing page taught me:

• There are many user personas.
• One page caters only one persona.
• So, there’ll be many landing pages.

#copywriting #startups #buildinpublic
Today, spent time writing copy for the upcoming @klapzClub video.

After 6 edits and endless debates, I guess - we are inching closer.

Want to take some feedback and insights from you amazing folks. Please reply a 👋 to get the copy.

Please, advice. 🙏

Leverage #BuildInPublic and give demo to friends.

Feedback from anyone outside your shoe gives:
1. A fresh perspective
2. uncover the gaps (the ones bridged only in your brains)

Thanks, @pankaj_cic for your time today. It helped me identify some gaps at @klapzClub.
I heard “universe conspires to give you what you wish and devote to”.

The next 24 months will be a test to this theory.

1. I have a strategy to grow @klapzClub.
2. I’m going to follow every bit of it.

#buildinpublic #3am3PegsDown
Production bugs are masters of messing up a good evening. 🤦‍♂️

Issue: Sharing the content is coming up with an invalid and static URL. 🤯

Gotta fix this before @bookletguy 🤬🤬 me.

Do you blog?

Would love to help monetise it with @klapzClub.

Just 1 line of embed code for monetisation + distribution.

Yes, Klapz now has a JS-plugin that you can connect to your blogs and websites. 💪

Don’t mock a builder for publicly sharing their set backs.

If BUILDING is about persistence, acknowledging setbacks takes the highest level of courage.