I'm creatively tapped and have no idea what to do with myself. I need a convergent problem that I can just narrow in on and solve. #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic as I work on getting a new NFT project running, I'm only going to be re-tweeting from my gif project in the meantime. I think the NFT project will be pretty exciting when done. I'll be tweeting about it lots when it's ready.
My final interpretation of all this is: Backlinks is All.
If you lose backlinks via any change, reverting that change won't solve your problem. You still have to manually work to get the backlinks back.
#buildinpublic #DigitalMarketing #webmarketing
#buildinpublic I've almost completely forgot about my main project. Instead I'm concentrating on gifs. Christmas gifs, a new NFT project, and trying to get more traffic to the gif site.
But that Canvas Language Animation Studio still exists. Would love your feedback.
Stupid question of the day: should I call my #NFT folder or ? I can't decide if that 's' belongs there or not. #NFTs #buildinpublic because stupid indecision like this is how time gets wasted :P
One of these #Christmas #gifs was used by a cruise line this morning to send out Christmas party invitations. A small success. Maybe you can use as well:…
I'll be adding more gif templates to that real soon. #buildinpublic
#SEO can be so discouraging. Last week I had 3 phrases ranked 9,11,12 and thought maybe I can get them all on the front page. After some effort, this week they are all 17,20,17. What the hell did I do?!?!?!?
#buildinpublic Was just about to post an extra feature to the studio when my "last" test found a corner case bug. Grrrr.... hopefully this is a quick fix.
#buildinpublic My main project is online now. No traffic - thus this Twitter. I don't plan to pay for ads. I see I have 2 goals: SEO low traffic keyword searches like "html canvas" and "web animation", then, somehow, show visitors asap on page arrival, how good this is. #webdev
Here's a fireworks animation used all over @EditableGIFs Now u can customize for your website.
As a production demo:…
Make ur own:…

#webdev #buildinpublic #webdevelopment
re-tweet bots give me an unearned sense of accomplishment #buildinpublic - until the disappointment sets in
#buildinpublic Eating my own dog food today and realized some easy to add no-code customizations to some animations. ... oh- in writing this I just realized I should be able to directly link to an animation in the studio... hold on... gonna do that ... #webdev #webdevelopment