@the_feather_app meeting in true #startup fashion, is happening at a dinner table.

Just out of frame is a sticky note Gantt chart taking up a whole window.

@ThePeterMick @the_feather_app Back-end is held with duct tape, and front-end would need to be accessed via ESP because it’s nonexistent. Is that about right @RyInnovate ?

We are looking for a developer to shorten this timeline wayyy down.

If you know anyone…

@cokiehasiotis Shameless pitch.
We are working on making this a frictionless experience. @the_feather_app

Diet Coke at 1am is not a good idea.

We know that now.

Biggest takeaway from diving into the #buildinpublic space is how many conversations end up being about SF.
I’ve heard anecdotally that
“hardware is hard”.
In #startups , when pitching to VC, in the larger #buildinpublic space.

Is there any truth to that?

Is a great idea with a TON of hardware (manufacturing machines, factories) a non-starter for first time founders?

Is this……
Throwback example of #riseandgrind not really being an measure of output.

Work, is work, is work, is work, is work.

It’s not a flex to be super busy.

John Adams called him a hypocrite. Adams would get to the office at 8am.

Franklin would arrive at noon hungover.

But Franklin was getting more done at 2am in a local bar with the French than Adams ever did at 8am in the office.
#buildinpublic question:
If you can’t launch with 100% functionality, do you speak to the functionality at go-live or do you sell the vision for what functionality will be at 100%?
@VCBrags We are trying to hit both by having my technically inclined co-founder working on product, and I’m on the road selling with a suitcase and a dream.
It’s not like you forget, but it’s always good to read.
Entrepreneurs make the impossible, possible.

We thread the needle.

We find a way.

Cheers to another week of changing the world.