@damengchen @dr @AprilynneA @oluadedej @JoinPrelo @code_rams @100daysofcodes @TweetsMashApp @TheBuilderJR @FlurlyApp @euboid @threehourcoffee @llamalifeco @MicahIverson @OpenMakersIO @tdinh_me @blackmagic_so Bonus 🎊

👆 These were some of the most exciting accounts that #buildinpublic every day on Twitter.

I also want to talk about 3 people who teach this philosophy actively.

@damengchen @dr @AprilynneA @oluadedej @JoinPrelo @code_rams @100daysofcodes @TweetsMashApp @TheBuilderJR @FlurlyApp @euboid @threehourcoffee @llamalifeco 9. Micah Iverson (@MicahIverson)

He's building a community for people who #buildinpublic - @OpenMakersIO

It's also a tool where you can share your journey openly.

If you're an open maker, do check it out.
@damengchen @dr @AprilynneA @oluadedej @JoinPrelo 5. Ramya (@code_rams)

She's building 2 projects in public.

@100daysofcodes and @TweetsMashApp

And shares her challenges and wins on a daily basis here on Twitter.

True #buildinpublic spirit.
Last week I asked who are the most interesting people building in public on Twitter.

I got many answers, but these 10 accounts are the most exciting!

If you're looking to #buildinpublic, learn from these people 👇
Who are the best people who #buildinpublic on Twitter?

I know @arvidkahl and @thisiskp_ are masters at it.

who else should I follow?