The hardest parts about building a SaaS #startup from the ground up are:

1️⃣ Growing an audience (pre-launch)


Key screens of the software require a lot of consideration so that the experience (both navigation and data) are value adds.

State of @GapScoutApp

1️⃣ Despite set-backs in training the AI model, a beta in Jan still feasible.

2️⃣ Can’t figure out why Google still isn’t indexing a good portion of the articles.

3️⃣ New web design to be deployed in Dec.

Currently training the @GapScoutApp AI model to effectively analyze (and extract) pertinent market insights based on customer reviews.

The idea was to build the model, and then hand feed it 100-150 very specific reviews. This, it turns out, is not sufficient.

Current status with @GapScoutApp

1. Finalizing custom AI model (in progress)
2. New website design (in progress)
3. New logo (complete, not yet live)
4. Revisiting content strategy (in progress)
5. Paid ad spots (in progress)
6. Blogger outreach (in progress)

Ooooh sh*t, it's getting real!! This high-level dashboard for @GapScoutApp is 🔥🔥!

I seriously can't wait to help #startups and #entrepreneurs dominate their markets using the GapScout AI.

Want early access?
Sign up at:

I moved from SiteGround to @RocketDotNet and 🤯!!!

1. support was incredible. Hands-on helpful and friendly! They took care of the entire migration.

2. Instant page speed gains worldwide!⚡️

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Admittedly, the hardest part about working on @GapScoutApp is having patience for the process to play out fully.

Making great progress, and at a good pace. Really excited to help #Entrepreneurs compete.

As I plan for building my team at @GapScoutApp, I'd like to get 2 to 4 kick-ass marketers:

✅ 1 Writer for blog
✅ 1 YouTube Content Creator
✅ 1 Paid ad Coordinator
✅ 1 Affiliate Program Coordinator

If you can do one (or more) of these, leave a comment!

There is just something I love about building software from scratch 🤩❤️

Brainstorming dashboards for @GapScoutApp with some incredibly intelligent folks!

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I get sign-ups every day from people who want early access @GapScoutApp, but I think overall folks are desensitized to the constant badgering for their email address.

What works for me:
1. Creating & sharing content
2. Helping people/interacting in forums

Experimenting with KWFinder for @GapScoutApp's blog posts (will report on it later) ... and look who is in the onboarding sequence. Hope you're getting commissions @rebeccagill 🤑 #buildinpublic
Follow along with me as I build a Land Investment company from scratch! Whether you're just curious, or are interested in diversifying your portfolio - learn from my mistakes 🙂 #buildinpublic #entrepreneurship…
Earlier this year, I thought about *possibly* starting a newsletter sharing with #entrepreneurs tips on how to creatively compete:

Cool idea or nah?

I copied @SubstackInc's styling with #WordPress 🤷‍♂️

(site is all dummy content)

Last year, I almost pulled the trigger on launching a training portal SaaS for Remote Teams ("ShareHow")... Sales page:

No "guru" lessons learned here. Just sharing. #Entrepreneurship #buildinpublic