Hey @IndieHackers

When validating a new idea with a landing page, do you buy the domain you want for the potential project and use that for your landing page?

Pros and cons for doing this. Curious how you handle this step.

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I completely rebuilt @UnityWeather for iOS, and it's now live (iOS 16 required for the new version).

New design, new data source. Faster, cleaner, easier to read.

Widgets and more coming soon.

I’m considering stepping back from building products of my own and getting back into freelancing & consulting.
I feel like I’m not exposed enough to real world problems, and I’m too passive to find problems of my own to solve.
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Build an e-commerce store with Notion.

Is that something?

I see so many “build X with Notion” products out there but nothing for e-commerce. I’ve been an e-commerce dev for years, so it’s in my wheelhouse.

But is there a need for it?

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Hey @IndieHackers

Addicted to buying domains? Need someone to watch your back?

Introducing ! Browser extension which tries to keep you from buying new domains.

First version just released. Looking for feedback.
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Hey friends, I decided last minute to launch my Unity Weather mobile app on @ProductHunt today. I know I should have planned more, but this is just a fun project at the moment so I thought I'd share with others.…

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Wrote a quick post about how I setup Mixpanel in my Next project using rewrites for a proxy-like setup. It allows me to keep all requests to Mixpanel going through my domain to avoid getting blocked.

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Hey @IndieHackers
When sending cold DMs on Twitter/Instagram, do you send from your personal account or the business account?…

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🎉 The MVP for @my_cosplace has been deployed! 🎉

Found a critical bug needs fixing before it can be used. Then I’ll be sending it out to some early access testers!

Well, my first attempt at #BuildInPublic on TikTok is out there. Video content is a lot more time consuming. We’ll see if it pays off.
If you have a SaaS which offers a free tier, do you automatically set new users to the free tier, or on a trial for a paid tier? Or let them choose at sign-up?

What have your results been for either?

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Has anyone tried to #BuildInPublic on TikTok? I've been considering trying it out for @my_cosplace . The cosplay community is pretty active there, just not sure how interesting the build in public would be there.
I #BuildInPublic for the community, & its built-in accountability & support.
Others do it to build an audience of customers.
And others do it for both.

These are all great. Do what's right for you.

I'm not here to gain followers, but the support & friendships of the community.
Final numbers:

2 blog posts published. A few more in draft.
11 @IndieHackers posts.
1.25 books read. Trying to make this a habit.
8 projects launched. Most were free

$0 total revenue

A lot of #BuildInPublic Tweets.
Met a lot of great new friends on Twitter and IH.
Consistency is hard.
- My #BuildInPublic posts have dwindled
- I’m not interacting with the #IndieHacker community as much
- I built a SaaS & immediately lost interest in it.
- started reading @arvidkahl ‘s Zero to Sold & now that keeps getting pushed aside even though it’s great
If you run a SaaS which offers some form of analytics to your customers, what do you use? (e.g. your customers have their own landing page, website, forms, etc...)

Home-rolled analytics or a platform that offers this level of segregation of data?

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I had a question for the @IndieHackers community but it quickly became too long for Twitter. So here’s my book of a question…

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What do other @IndieHackers use for collecting information easily (market research)?

I tried using Google Forms to make it simple and nice looking, but when I send it to anyone my DM or email gets flagged for spam/suspicious content.

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I’ve decided to stop one of my recent projects after some initial testing and discussions brought to light a lack of value.

I’m not bothered by it though. Built an MVP in Bubble to get to this point, so I’ve only put a few days into it.

Validate first.