Day 3 of #buildinpublic challenge, as always updates below:
Day 2 of the #buildinpublic challenge! Below are some updates.
Back at it with a #buildinpublic challenge
This month I'm working on gaining a better understanding of biosensors (specifically the technicalities behind actually building them.)
#buildinpublic Day: 30 -31+
- Finalizing and validating idea + outreach for global challenge.
- Published TKS review article.
- Published newsletter.
- Finished the notes for my NLP Notion guide.
#buildinpublic Day: 29
- Looked into existing police accountability methods/systems for global challenge + formulated some new ideas.
- Did some podcast editing and added updates to the website.
#buildinpublic Day 21-28
- Worked with TKS global challenge team on Xprize challenge.
- Started research for a Kaggle competition I'm working with a team on.
- Started learning more about effective altruism (still in the early stages of learning, but it's very interesting.)
#buildinpublic Day: 19 + 20
- Did some research and team organization with TKS challenge team.
- Watched an awesome documentary, Artificial Gamer, that reignited my love for programming.
- Published article on the meaning behind Peter Thiel's famous quote "Aim for monopoly."
#buildinpublic Day: 18
- Continued working on editing my video using Premiere Pro.
- Had a deep philosophical conversation about agritech, entrepreneurship, and solving the world's biggest problems with podcast guest today.
- Read through some interesting articles about web3.
#buildinpublic Day: 17
- Finished majority of machine translation part for language bot project.
- Completed another section of my recent article.
- Trimmed all of the clips for an application video.
#buildinpublic Day: 16
- Started my journey learning how to edit videos with Premiere Pro.
- Continued working on language bot project.
- Finalized idea for edtech article.
#buildinpublic Day:15
- Worked on building the machine translation part for my language bot project.
- Worked on finishing up recent article I’m working on.
- Successfully working on meeting people in the Edtech space and clearly identifying plans/ideas with @EmmaEisenhauer
#buildinpublic Day: 14
- Attended hackathon finals and my team won best presentation (congrats to the other finalist!!!!!)
- Learned the basics of working with command prompt.
- Planned out content production + project timeline for the upcoming week.
#buildinpublic Day: 11 & 12
- Spent all weekend working on hackathon project that combines IOT and Chemistry to help prevent diabetes.
- Ended up making it to finals and have continued to think through our idea in preparation for presentations tomorrow morning.
#buildinpublic Day: 11
- Finished rough draft of TKS review article
- Almost halfway done with replicate/project. Decided to go down the path of making a machine translator with LSTM's
- Started NLP article
- Learned the basics of Blender
#buildinpublic Day: 10
- Finished Odyssey DAO intro to Web3 path
- Researched different kinds of NLP chatbots + continued to look into applications of using AI for face tracking (more details on which path I decide to go down for my upcoming project, tomorrow)