I know everyone says β€œship” before you’re ready, but that’s really hard to do sometimes! Will be reworking a new Heroku-specific landing page for @Simple_Upload for the fifth time while my babies nap today πŸ˜… #buildinpublic #100daysmarketing #momlife
Started from the middle, and we're still kind of there?! This lighthouse performance score has been driving me crazy for the past 48 hours, but after checking out some other popular seems okay-ish? πŸ€” #buildinpublic #startuplife
**Note, the large images/testimonials on the landing page will change once we figure those out.** Some of the linked pages also need to be styled, but just wanted to share my progress as I go! :-) #100daysofnocode #100daysofmarketing #buildinpublic @leenyburger