#buildinpublic first multi amazon account trial conversion for @FlatFilePro. Feelsgoodman.jpg.

single seller central accounts still signing up consistently, nice to know the value goes up the more accounts someone has
#buildinpublic Both kids napping so I’ve got 22 minutes to build out some ActiveCampaign flows.

Time constraints ftw
Note to self (and other builders) #buildinpublic

Don't launch the alpha of a new software to your list on a holiday weekend.

No matter how cool your tool is, people would rather be at the beach.

Have a happy 4th everyone
#buildinpublic Protip: if you have live chat on your site, make sure to check it, there's probably customers asking good questions there. 🤦‍♂️
#buildinpublic BrandStory pt3 Empathy and authority in the market-

had a few "inside baseball" technical options but zoomed out and went with the one any Amazon seller knows and can relate to

"it's freiking tough to sell on Amazon"

As for authority...
#buildinpublic BrandStory pt 2- "The Problem"

No lack of potential "villains" here. Ask anyone who's sold on Amazon and the list of complaints is a mile long. If anything we have too many to choose from. Black hat...
#buildinpublic Going through StoryBrand course for @FlatFilePro, simple but powerful. "Savvy" as aspirational may not be enough to generate action. interested to see how the rest of the course plays out.
(Also ipad+pencil is best writing machine ever)
StoryBrand is the best book on marketing/business I've read in a long time. So simple but effective. Going to #buildinpublic on the messaging around @FlatFilePro, and If anyone wants to workshop their businesses messaging with a select few comment or DM.
#buildinpublic Stripe to Slack integration is my favorite Slack channel. Little dopamine hits ftw
#buildinpublic Doing 1-2 demos a day of @FlatFilePro. Crazy how open people are to help improve and fix our software vs the service side of the agency. Wonder if it's the magic of "computers & code" vs the fallible nature of humans that makes critiques harsher
#buildinpublic Anyone using Microsoft Clarity with Stripe to get app based usage tied to a user? Trying to see what behaviors the users that churn have vs power users
#buildinpublic goal this week is 3 screenshare onboardings for @FlatFilePro, quarterly EOS strategy day for @SunkenStone_ and a healthy delivery for still unnamed baby girl. Namaste y’all
#buildinpublic Kid and SO are down for nap time so I'm researching best practices on version release notes. Anyone have a plug-in they like for feature walk-throughs and announcements when a user logs in?
#buildinpublic- first time a user entered their payment info into our software once their trial expired. Big W.
#buildinpublic - wordsmithing new hooks for the SaaS. Messing around with "1st API based Amazon Catalog Manager". Feels wordy, but like the 1st aspect, I'll keep playing with it.
#buildinpublic magic moment: tfw I see sign ups to our SaaS that I personally didn't onboard and have no clue who they are. 🥲
internal client work. Taking a victory lap on that one. In true #buildinpublic form it's not just puppy dogs and butterflies, both onboardings the software borked out and required manual refreshes to pull the catalog data. Plenty of work to be done but today was a W
#buildinpublic Onboarded 2 new alpha testers for our Amazon catalog management tool yesterday. 1) an 8figure FBA seller that has multiple VAs managing their listings and still sees value in our tool. 2nd currently works for Amazon and wants to use our tool for 1/
#buildinpublic waiting for stripe integration to stop bonking and then I can start onboarding beta users.
#buildinpublic This is a fun one- stumbled upon a @MicroConf YT vid where @robwalling talks about hacking his way to 7k MRR. Screenshotted the sample email he used and sent to my EA to transcribe. Modified for my SaaS then sent out to 20 target users. Results? 👇