My weekend in 3 bullet points.

1) Set some automations for day job tasks with @make_hq & @zapier ✅
2) Redo copy for #saas going into Beta & work on a content marketing roadmap. ✅
3) Watch #Netflix 🚫

What did you guys do this weekend? 📣 #NoCode #buildinpublic
Got a wild hair. Need reco's for a #nocode tool I can use to build a quick interest page that's two side facing (i.e. "I need xyz" or "I provide xyz") to take them down different signup paths. #SaaS #buildinpublic
Another Monday in the books! Best way to get over the #sundayscaries is to have something you're building on the horizon working towards your own freedom. #solofounder #SaaS #NoCode #buildinpublic
The one thing nobody ever prepares you for as a non technical solo-founder is bugs & delays in the development cycle. I’ve got clients chomping at the bit and a new bug pops up that delays launch. 😭 #NoCode #buildinpublic