Final test went well. What a luck. 😅

Tomorrow, release a new version! 🥳

Final test before release. Very nervous as always. 😱

Fine tuning to the moon 🌙

Spent hours changing color and size here and there and decided the first version is the best. 😳

Almost finish dark mode on

Line by line, shade by shade.

Oh, my eyes hurt. 😅
Dark mode on is getting in shape. I feel relieved. 😮‍💨

Decided to build my own Time Picker on React Native.

It's simple, good enough, no dependencies, and fully customizable.

My website - - got a A+ from So proud! 😎

I'm now pretty sure know how to configure my sites safely and securely.

Just one click to add security HTTP response headers on CloudFront and never afraid of attacks like Clickjacking ever again! 👍

I've reduced's main file size after gzip to 565 kB. Is it small enough? How can I reduce it further? 🧐

Another day, another security issue. And this time, it's Click-jacking.

An attacker uses multiple transparent layers to trick a user into clicking on a button or link on another page when they were intending to click on the top level page.

Never thought Circular Wheel Picker on React Native is not easy. 😵‍💫
- Old dependencies
- Big file size
- Too different btw. iOS and Android
- Can't customize colors and sizes

The best two I've found:……

Got one star and sarcastic review. 😭

“not sure if not being able to hit enter for a new line is a premium feature or what…”

I need to fix the bug and develop a sense of humor now!
This phishing email is one of the best I've ever received. It's also sent from my very own domain name. 😱

Turned out I didn't setup SPF, DKIM, and DMARC correctly.

Don't let your guard down like me!
Just a textbox for time value or time picker?

Can't decide 😮‍💨
Maybe because it's Friday 🤭

Just enabled HTTP/3 on CloudFront and felt my websites run a lot QUICker. 🙃

Found how to sort @tailwindcss Class Names

1. Create a Tailwind Context with config file and css file.

setupContextUtils.createContext(twConfig, [], twCss)

2. Call getClassOrder from the created context


Today I learn CSS Specificity!

Which CSS properties do get apply to the element when several CSS declarations match to that element?


A memoized function

Return cached output if inputs are the same. Using memory to reduce computation time. One simple way I use again and again to improve app's performance. 👍

Slowly but surely

Step by step

little by little

one by one