Your launch day isn’t a single day.

It’s more like a year.

Plan accordingly.

The best way to support makers is buying their product

Submit your product 👉 Pitch below + link below

I'll start by buying the best 5 products (that are under $30/month)

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Note to self, keep asking these questions:

💸 Who pays you?

🗻 What's the main challenge they face?

🔬 If you could only build 1 feature - what would it be?

Bonus: How do you compare to at least 1 successful alternative?

After being on Twitter for years

I finally got serious about it last month

Here are the results for June:

317 visitors from Twitter to
~200 early access requests
~50 interesting DMs with makers
~100% more fun

Over time you'll make countless changes and additions to your service, and you'll run into opportunities you didn't even know existed.

What should the world's fastest browsing experience look like?

Here's a sneak peek of @Webscape and what we've got so far 🤫

More coming soon...

@engineers_feed A better experience to work in the browser.

That’s why we’re building the fastest browsing experience ever made:

📚 Providing a knowledge base for years to come

⚡️ Makes repetitive actions lightning fast

😌 Puts an end to countless tabs
How to get your first 100 customers:

❌Ask friends for feedback
✅ Launch an request access page

❌ Wait until your product is perfect
✅ Build in public @wip

❌ Spend $ on ads
✅ Launch on @producthunt

❌Complicated onboarding
✅ Share update on #buildinpublic

What else?
When building a new startup, remember: it's not about being perfect; it's about becoming better.

How to tell your product story to everyone?

Often we try answer every question someone might have while #marketing our products.


❌ Great positioning isn’t about telling

✅ It’s about intriging people to ask questions.

❌ The goal of a #vision is not to come up with a bunch of features.

✅ It’s about defining what you’re company is about, for example:

Helping people accomplish an optimal workflow

❌ Those who succeed with building software aren't a lucky few who envisioned everything correctly


✅ Those who understand how to leverage its enormous flexibility to their advantage.

Seeing a lot of tweets about people trying to increase their MRR by building more products/features.

And while releasing something new helps you grab attention, your company’s growth is so much more than just your product.