Tweet - failed. I build it in a few days, but then realized that I don’t want to develop it further

So I posted it on the @bubble marketplace a few weeks ago and forgot. And today I found out that someone had bought it twice already😅 #NoCode #buildinpublic
The biggest disappointment: no matter how quickly you can launch the product, important how you attract users to it

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How stop loosing interesting newsletters in a heap of spam?

Just write a post about how i solve this problem:…

If you have the same problem - DM me! I'll create an MVP within the next two weeks if there're at least 30 interested people #buildinpublic
3 stages of an entrepreneur

👨‍💻 I want to sell my time more expensively (freelancer)
👥 I want to sell others' time more expensive (agency / service business)
⚙️ I want to sell an automated solution to other people / businesses (saas)

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I think that when you want to run your micro saas you have to do something that can be described in words
🔸 Simple
🔹 Useful
🔸 Careful

I’ll explain what I mean in this thread👇🏻

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For, I have to set metrics that allow me to determine if a project has failed or not.
Such metrics will be:
⁃the number of registered users: 100 in a month
⁃the number of reviews 100 in a month

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@bubble tip of the day: don’t use option sets for dynamic data that you plan to manage from the admin panel or from somewhere else.

Creating and updating new options in option sets is only possible in the bubble editor.

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Start building my first micro-SaaS project - commercial proposal builder for agency and software company.

Step by step in this thread. Subscribe to follow my progress

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