People who are building as solo founder! Remember twitter community is your team. Ask for help when in need!
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Is it possible to create a data type in bubble independent of user pre built field in it? #NoCode @bubble #buildinpublic
If you want to earn some profit from crypto market! You could use my product to pinpoint the possible bottom an asset can hit! Here is example of Ethereum! Current value $ 1500 and projected value $ 1500.3
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Working on mobile version of home page! ( I am not a UI/Ux designer).
How it feels? Does it look good!
Want to convert your web app to a mobile app? Here is a list of tools for you! #NoCode #buildinpublic
I am trying to figure out a particular workflow in @bubble
To run an api call until the condition is met and then notify the user through email.
User set some value! > schedule an backend api call ( till the user input value is equal to the value) > send email! #buildinpublic
My learning curve is growing exponentially! Your product teaches you many things. I still believe I need to focus more on marketing my product.
Suggest me some good meme-creating tool

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Should I launch my MVP with paid plan? or I should test the Free version till I get 100 users?

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Today, I will be working on how to make my web app more responsive!
The best thing about @bubble is you can clone the page of your choice! Make the required iterations and deploy them later!

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Today, I worked on the marketing copy of my web app and minor design changes. I hope my product communication improved by 1% from yesterday.

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Looking for some help regarding backend workflow in bubble app!
I want to schedule an email in future only when some condition is met.
The condition is
Data from external api(number) > input value entered by user

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Finally, my MVP is ready! Here is a link to the beta version. 👇…
🎯It is a dashboard for #Polygon traders with data-driven markets insights
🎯It helps you to understand market risk better!
🎯It tracks the market for you

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If you want to learn more about my Startup, join me in the DM!
I am looking for beta users who are Crypto traders or interested in earning money through Crypto. #buildinpublic

You can check out the beta test version through this link…
Today, I was able to use @airtable base in my bubble app! Learning some Workflows and Trying hands with charts and custom calculations!

Small actions are taking me closer to my MVP! #buildinpublic
Today, I am able to fetch data via API call and I created a live price listing for top 50 cryptocurrencies in bubble app.
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