Day 2: #buildinpublic

I established a plan for building the product:

• Pick up the market

• Get clarity by defining the:
• dream outcome
• problems
• solutions
Day 1: #buildinpublic

Today I started to recruit the audience for the project

• Published the Notion page on Gumroad

• Sent an email blast with it

• Shared the Gumroad page on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook
Let the journey begin...

I'm going to do a #buildinpublic digital product.

I will document this journey:

- more detailed on a Notion page
- on Twitter (a short summary of the day)

RT + reply "🔨" and I will send you the Notion page 🫡

(I've been inspired by @victor_bigfield)
I will start a build-in-public project soon 🤗

Stay tuned!