Day 22: #buildinpublic

24 hours left until the BIG LAUNCH

Today I made the last tweaks ,so there won't be any problems

Join the waiting list to not MISS this out
Day 21: #buildinpublic

Here's what is going to happen:

I will use this product to launch an online business @F1nanceGym

On @savuuemanuel I will document the entire journey

I will share with you everything about it

From failures to wins

(Wednesday is launch day)
Day 19: #buildinpublic

Today's summary:

• Found the name for the product
• Made progress on the product landing page

(Sneak peak😁)
Day 18: #buildinpublic

I researched marketing and sales

And I established a tactic to apply on my product
Day 17: #buildinpublic

I had to learn for school all day

I'm sorry😥

Tomorrow I will be back on grind 🫡
Day 16: #buildinpublic

Great day:

• Finished the instructions
• Finished the product as well
• Started to create the marketing plan
Day 15: #buildinpublic

Finished the instructions for:

• Expenses database
• Income database
Day 14: #buildinpublic

I finished the template

But I felt like I had to improve it a little bit

This was the last day dedicated to building

Tomorrow I will start to write the documentation for it
Day 13: #buildinpublic


The majority of Notion Finance Trackers:

1. Overcomplicate tracking finances
2. Takes a lot of time to use it

Result: You give up and stop tracking finances

Solution: Check the Notion Page or subscribe to my newsletter
Day 12: #buildinpublic

Took a day off from building

Wish you a great Saturday🌞
Day 11: #buildinpublic

Summary of today🗒️

• Launched the lead magnet on Gumroad 😁
Day 10: #buildinpublic

Summary of today🗒️

• Finished the income database

• Finished the expenses database

• Started to build the lead magnet
Day 9: #buildinpublic

Summary of today🗒️

• Started to build the income database

• Asked for feedback from my lovely Twitter community
@evittoriosi It will be a digital product for Tracking finances, you can find more details on the #buildinpublic posts of mine
Day 8: #buildinpublic

Summary of today🗒️

• Research other Notion Finance Trackers to avoid their mistakes

• Established the building plan for the product

• Built the first view of the template
Day 7: #buildinpublic

Yesterday I got back to Military High school

Here is a summary of today:

• Collected the feedback from the form

• Put it all together in Notion

• Established the baseline on how the product will look like
Day 6: #buildinpublic

Today I was confused

But I had a call with my friend @JakeMRichards

And he helped me to realize why

The dream outcome of the project wasn't clear

— 🧵 —
Day 4: #buildinpublic

I did " preparation on the battlefield " by:

• Solving half of the problems that I found yesterday

• I did that by:

• Asking myself: “What would I need to show someone to solve this problem?"
Day 3: #buildinpublic

I did "research on the battlefield" by:

• watching YouTube videos

• looking through notes that I took from different books

• Googling

• reading different forums like
• Quora
• Reddit

• posted a poll on my Twitter account