Recently I've learned through some UX tests that there's some mistakes in my website.

I wasn't noticing that the HERO section has some bugs in some specific breakpoints.

This got me thinking... How does the #buildinpublic community test the UX of their product/website?
I've been trying to productize web development but we've encountered some issues ✍️

Developing web apps isn't as flexible as design.

You become an agency whether you like it or not.

That's why now I've decided to focus on validating a product to #buildinpublic 🚀
How are indie hackers testing the UX of their startup landing pages?

I worked in NY as a lawyer for some time

It was a dream job..but I wasn’t happy

I dropped everything to learn webdev

Now I’ve failed a startup, worked on 20 freelance projects, and started to #buildinpublic

A long way to go but I’m happy to be climbing the right mountain 🧗‍♂️
Not having the best day... any recommendations for a movie/book that will reset the week?

Huge admiration for Naval, but what does the #buildinpublic community think about this? 👇
The absolute best investors don’t talk about their returns.
Who's up for a Monday profile roasting?

Be honest so everyone can take something away.

What's stopping #buildinpublic from clicking "follow" on my profile?
Would anyone be up for starting a "critique monday" for the #buildinpublic community. That way we have enough days to heal the wounds haha.

Be honest so everyone can take something away.

What's stopping you from clicking "follow" on my profile?
How did you start finding what to build next?

How many of you design a prototype before building your product?

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
This is my best performing post on Instagram. Love to see the Saves doubling the Likes.

Next step: Decipher twitter

Check out some of our recent work on Dribbble 👨‍🎨

It's much easier to start if you know where.

Check out this simple breakdown of all the tech you need for your web dev project 👇

#startup #webdevelopment #FullStack #buildinpublic
The hardest part of productizing web development is finding the right type of clients for us. It’s always hard to say no, mostly in the beginning

Just started using @buffer to manage our instagram and highly recommend to others that #buildinpublic
Reminder to follow-up to that person before you forget

Learn how to prototype your app to validate it before spending more on it. Free UI design system included.

Going to start a personal challenge. Let’s see if I can do all the things on this list every day for a month.

- Do something I like first thing in the morning
- Publish a blog post
- Stretch for 20 minutes
- 5 tweets
- 5 cold emails
- 10 cold calls