Also just realized I gotta add pagination or at least automatically request all pages of the listings.

Some people (*cough* @jowiblechi) have hundreds if not thousands of songs in their playlists.

Now it's easy to get all playlists! For reference, the ones I want to merge are "Hell if I know", "Schmellow Flellow", and "Happy Go Lucky"

Yes, I'm great at naming things!

Also Next.js is yelling at me about something with hydration, so I gotta look that up

Now, me being me I sprinted off with my existing React knowledge and immediately ran face-first into the wall of "NextJS does not only run in the browser"

Some localStorage wackiness aside, I can now login and get my username displayed to me. Neat!

First thing: We need to log into Spotify so we can get that precious, precious playlist data.

Spotify generally makes this very easy. You send them your client ID, a bunch of scopes and some misc data and they return back to you with a token.

So my problem: I have 3 Spotify playlists I made for different occasions and moods. Maintaining them all is getting annoying.

I want a tool to quickly merge them, remove the duplicates and then maybe also remove a song or two I /always/ skip.

#buildinpublic: Day 1

Naturally I'm already kinda busy on day 1, but that's just life. I said I'd do a little bit every day, so I got started on something: 🌍 Custom domain routing!

Naturally people will want to have their now pages on their on site somehow
🔗 Of course you'd also want to connect it to your own website, so you could have, e.g.

So that's the goal. Ideally I want to spend roughly one hour per day on building this, until eventually it's done. Let's go!

You can see lots of examples on -- It's like a niche trend.

🧭 I think it would be super fun to make a small page builder that is entirely dedicated to building your own /now page

Maybe you could connect some APIs to keep it auto-updated!

🛠 Let's build a thing! Because I haven't in a while and I'm feeling a bit rusty

👀 I really like /now pages. If you haven't heard, it's a subpage of your website where you let ppl know what you're up to. Things you're working on, what you're reading etc