But why? Big platforms have a community / pre-launch area. #BuildInPublic is popular, so why

I love discovering tech, I want to build in public and create with meaning. If that supports one other person in the process, great.
When signing up for a website, online membership or software, how would you prefer to pay? Assuming the cost for 12 months was Β£500 / $600 / €585.

#BuildInPublic #SaaS
Sunday afternoon #BuildInPublic update: it’s happening. Started with writing down how I want the project to work for an MVP and now digging deeper using Notion.

Having one of those days where I’m telling myself that a Notion database and a fresh GitHub repo is *some* progress 😌
Spending the first evening of the #BuildInPublic side project looking at some W’s before coding πŸ‘€

Why: why do it (the motivator) - learning, audience, MRR?
Who: who’s the target user?
What: what value will it give to users?
When: when could this launch? When can I commit time?
I've been following #BuildInPublic lately and love seeing:
- Founders tackling ideas and challenges openly,
- Focus on ship first, then improve,
- Community feel on a solo mission.

I've got a domain and a side project idea, so lets try building it in public πŸ‘€
Looking to follow more people that #buildinpublic - hmu with what you’re building πŸ‘‹πŸ»