I have added an “Open ended” option to each Mind’s tasks on
The tasks can be quite restrictive especially for non-generic actions. However, you have to be more explicit in your input #buildinpublic
I just got my first payment for and boy am I about to leap through the roof 😤 #buildinpublic
Using marketing assistant to generate marketing strategy and content for 💆🏻‍♂️
Finally gotten infinite scrolling done for History and Billing pages #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
🧵1/9 Best practices for prompt engineering with OpenAI API 🤖💡
#OpenAI #API #PromptEngineering #GPT4 #SoftwareEngineering #buildinpublic
I’m so excited by the growth of! Over 100 signups now with 20+ users making generations 70+ times yesterday. #buildinpublic
Just simplified and documented my #AWS setup with cloud consultant - gave it a brief description and voila! A detailed documentation with diagrams. Time to focus on the real work now! #buildinpublic
Temporarily scaled up the number of instances of the backend to handle the load while I do some Python Async magic! I’m so sorry for the slow response time on lately #buildinpublic
Spent hours yesterday debugging OpenAI calls post-outage, only to discover my NAT gateway was selectively blocking requests 🤦‍♂️. Another reminder to always triple-check the basics! #programminglife #debuggingwoes #buildinpublic
I’ve had a solid run with SolidJS so far. Spent all day migrating to Ionic React from SolidJS for Solid was fun, but React's community & resources will help me move faster. Plus, I can release Promind as a mobile app with a single codebase. #buildinpublic
🎉I've just added some new features to for PMs. Now you can generate ideas, extract KPIs, get A/B test ideas and even fine-tune your pricing strategy or generate one.
#promindai #productstrategy #buildinpublic #GPT4 #ChatGPT
You’d be amazed by how much friction email and password signup can cause. Login with google has helped improved conversion. Trying out guest/ anonymous accounts now on

You can get a feel for the app without signing up.

#buildinpublic #GPT4
I implemented sign in with google last night and conversion rate tripled for over the last 6 hours

Now I wish I had done this sooner!

These days I like to think of simply as a collection of #gpt4 prompts

With the massive advancements in AI and this launch of #gpt4, creative direction is key. In a good number of fields right now, you are only as good as your prompts. is simply the collection of some of my best prompts across these fields.
You can now install as an app thanks to PWA. UI refresh in the works #buildinpublic
I have made it easier to add new minds and talks to Loving how easy it is to generate APIs based on existing Postgres tables with HoneyJS #buildinpublic
Just added a user persona generator to

These days I just add whatever I need automated to 😌