I recorded a podcast on Friday. This episode didn't make it. Both @nataliaadymek and I are not happy with the quality of the material. Is this the end of the project? 🧵 #thread #buildinpublic #podcast
What is the role of a leader for me? A good leader ensures that the people who trust him or her achieve common goals. Individually, his or her role is to ensure the wellbeing of each of these people. #buildinpublic #startup
$200k / year is an amount that allows you to live worry-free and create great products that have real value and are not created just to make money. Here is my financial goal for the coming years 🎯 #buildinpublic
Do you plan your content or post ad hoc? I can see the pros and cons of both approaches. The biggest advantage of planning is being able to think about what you want to say to the world #buildinpublic
Tip for everyone lauching on @ProductHunt It’s not about how many spam do you send on Linkedin or Twitter. It’s about value your brand and product delivers 🫶 #ProductHunt #startup #buildinpublic
Founder: What if our startup fails?
Co-Founder: What does it mean?
Do everything to don’t let it fall. #team #buildinpublic #support
Struggle with the best date for a meeting? Not with @zencalhq Just click and overlay your favorite #calendar 🤯 #buildinpublic #meetings #scheduling
2 years of hard work @greg_rog and mine. Today we've launched paid plans in @zencalhq. It's a big moment because now our KPI will be the amount of paid plans. The market will verify. I thought that I would be stressed but I'm excited #buildinpublic
If you see problems everywhere, you have the potential to become a millionaire. Just start solving them. #buildinpublic #startup #founder
You have to think long-term. You have to build something that will be around in the long term. #buildinpublic
You have to build the minimum viable product. You can always build the next version. #buildinpublic
You have to build a product that people want. You need to build something people will use and share. #buildinpublic
You have to be willing to build something people don't think you can build. #buildinpublic
Don't take the money from investors and then spend it all on a "big bang launch" with no idea of how you will generate revenue. #buildinpublic
You can build a big startup in a small city #buildinpublic
Everyone has a chance to build something. The question is do you have the guts to make it happen? #buildinpublic
The only way to start building a startup is to start building it. #buildinpublic
You are doing something you are passionate about. You may not be passionate about what you are building, but you should be passionate about how you build it #buildinpublic