Genuinely interested. Are there any SaaS makers out there that does NOT target other founders or indiemakers? #buildinpublic

The "core engine" (built on Twilio) is now taking form. If it wasn't for the long "vacation shutdown" in Sweden every summer we should be ready to take on some early access customers soon.. #buildinpublic
@niklaslavrell @GrapicApp Hej Niklas! Har nyligen gett mig in på #buildinpublic spåret och kikar runt efter andra svenskar som gör detsamma. Känner du till något forum med svenska produktmakare? :)
@annaleijons Intressant! Jag har precis gett mig in i #buildinpublic känner du till något forum eller någon tagg för svenska indiehackers? :)
How I hire devs on Fiverr:

1. Contact devs based on previous projects/ratings
2. Pick 2-3 of the ones that show interest
3. Hire all of them for the same small task with deadline and bullet proof instructions
4. Compare and look for best executor and communicator
Bought a react/nodejs boilerplate (Gravity) by @kylegawley to kickstart. Saved a lot of time! 🚡

Spending so far:
boilerplate 895$
hiring developers to implement 70% of the core features 950$
Not too far way from an MVP that could actually take on some customers
Trying to minimise time spent on a landing page before having paying customers. Therefore chosen @unicornplatform to build a quick and dirty site. Amazing how many time saving tools have been popping up in the last couple of years. #buildinpublic
From now on I will slowly start exploring different product ideas, and hopefully share a journey building a SaaS "on the side" 😇 let's go! #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic I'm about to start building a SaaS in public on the side. Any recommendations for a good but cost efficient CRM & email-marketing setup for the early days? 😇
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