#buildinpublic update:

Yes, I've been silent for about a month now, and to be honest I've been taking a step back and re-evaluating this side project.. 1/5
#buildinpublic update

My domain is now warmed up and shows good deliverability scores. Just prepared 2000+ leads and will now resume my outreach aiming to book at least a few demos a week. Wish me luck ;)
Status update #buildinpublic

Prod environment finally up and running. Now the tricky part would be to migrate existing users there, as seamless as possible 😅
Ok makers! Once and for all. What "find leads email"-tool gives the most bang for the 💰? Anything more price worthy than @skrappio?

#buildinpublic #marketing
Marketing update.

Still warming up my email adress, so only sending a few emails per day. So far the result I get with Lemlist quite similar to my bulk emails from FreshSales, except that my reply rate is 2x higher..

Let's see what happens when I increase.
Need to pause the cold outreach and prepare the production environment. Until now, I've been invited them to my test environment in a true mvp manner 🤣

Also realised that a few features are missing before customers will find this worth paying for in the long run #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic update:

Have onboarded 6 beta customers from 3 different industries so far

Handful of demos booked the coming week

From reaching out to 400 leads

Marketing is a 😅 race for founders
Conclusions so far.

350 cold emails to 6 different industries past weeks ➡️ ~5% shows interest

Looks like I'm able to reach 6-7k relevant leads in total

Could potential market be 30% of interested leads? ➡️ 45,000$ ARR

Worth copying anyone? 😅

Trying to launch a SaaS from scratch without a proven market is an emotional 🎢
After a demo: "this has potential!"
When emails are not replied: "how could this possible succeed?"

😅 #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic update:

Got a second "early bird" customer yesterday 🙏
#buildinpublic Cold Outreach Update:

This week I've been scheduling a dosen of cold emails per day to my different target groups:
Open rate: 68%
Reply rate: 20%
Interrested: 11%
Thanks but no thanks: 9%

Won't put effort measuring this more granular at this stage. 1st things 1st
Initially my plan was to spend 9/10 of the budget on developing the product, and 1/10 on marketing. Reevaluating that now.. 🤠

#buildinpublic update

Got my first (beta) customer today! 🔥
#buildinpublic update

Booked my first two demos today 🤓 One through my contact/network, and one from cold email. Let's go..
Preparing for marketing..

📹 Screen recording with QuickTime
🔪 Editing with Premiere Rush
🐒 Humanise with some free stock videos

@joforselldev Grattis! Kul med fler svenskar som #buildinpublic 🙌😄
How do you prefer to learn about new SaaS products?
1 Video tutorials
2 Read articles
3 Sign up for free trial
4 Follow someone that #buildinpublic 🤣
Genuinely interested. Are there any SaaS makers out there that does NOT target other founders or indiemakers? #buildinpublic

The "core engine" (built on Twilio) is now taking form. If it wasn't for the long "vacation shutdown" in Sweden every summer we should be ready to take on some early access customers soon.. #buildinpublic
@niklaslavrell @GrapicApp Hej Niklas! Har nyligen gett mig in på #buildinpublic spåret och kikar runt efter andra svenskar som gör detsamma. Känner du till något forum med svenska produktmakare? :)