Restarting this but without the videos, I feel it was too long and didn't brought much value.

I'm just going to use this thread to write a daily #buildinpublic log of what I did instead + what I learned and stuff

👇 Will post everything below this
I will post a video of myself every single day until I create a profitable start-up 😬

Will share what I learn (mainly in marketing) and I hope others can learn along the way!

More details here…

Would love to hear any feedback!

👇Videos below this one
Oh, and I wrote a #buildinpublic since the day I started the app (one week ago) 🤓…

Portraits were not the initial plan but then @levelsio tweeted about the portrait, so... 🥲
Day 13 of recording myself everyday making a profitable startup #buildinpublic

Decided to launch on Product Hunt tomorrow totally as a joke, so I spend a few hours making a funny copy and pictures

Waiting for the FB ads account to be warmed up, then launching the ads!
A #buildinpublic article is coming very soon for this one, I'm writing since I started working on the idea, to the first marketing stuff I'll make

Spoiler: I'll run ads to validate the idea

Pfeew, been very intense lately, literally shipped 5 products in 30 days 😅
Day 11 of recording myself making a profitable startup #buildinpublic

Working non-stop make me look like a zombie, which is ok since Halloween

Didn’t made as much progress as I wanted, but I found a way to make an (expensive) MVP

Hope to start marketing by end of week
Day 10 of recording myself making a profitable startup #buildinpublic

I look absolutely wasted lol, started the day at 4:30AM or something

Working on a new app, mainly focused on writing the copy today, checked some logistic stuff

Tomorrow: Add the onboarding form + payment
Day 9 of recording myself making a profitable startup #buildinpublic

Made some test with AI art for the next projects, got a few ideas so I picked the fastest and started making tests

127 visitors so far on from answering people asking for books reco!
Day 8 of #buildinpublic

Got around 70 visitors on the website by answering people asking for recommendations of books on marketing etc.
Will keep promoting the app on the side

Gonna now focus on a new project. Criteria: Ship fast + Having distribution access
Any feedback is very welcomed.

For the #buildinpublic fellas, here is how I made it from day 1 to getting the first visitors.…
I saw lots of Indies asking how to learn marketing etc.

I'm going to make lists of the best books/blogs to learn new skills, organized like courses.

Here is one for marketing: (WIP)

P.S. No paywall
P.S.S You can create your own list

Day 7 of #buildinpublic (a bit late)

Added some extra info on the resources

Gonna do one week of marketing full time and then I’ll start making tests for another new app (not a free one this time), since I already have a potential customer
Day 6 of #buildinpublic

Launched the app today! is a free collaborative list to find the best books/blogs/videos to learn new skills for Indies makers (marketing, copywriting…)

Still early beta, and not much content yet, working on that tomorrow !
Day 5 of #buildinpublic and recording myself until I make a profitable startup

I finished the app today! I’ll publish it tomorrow and start planning the marketing
Day 4 of #buildinpublic and recording myself everyday until I make a profitable startup

Pretty boring today, mainly did the authentifications system.
I should be able to finish the app tomorrow, and then finally start sharing some marketing stuff!

Finally got proper sleep!
Day 3 of #buildinpublic and recording myself until I make a profitable startup

- User interface
- Writing basics marketing messages

- Publish demo
- Add user accounts
- or course list + votes

More details:…