Great evolution this month πŸš€

I can do better I think, no ?

I will do more the next month 🎯


Greate success all come from this.

The greatest success has been and yet only a desire.

Working on TagU this morning πŸš€πŸš€

I'm updating the pages so they can be dinamic and ready for backend implementation.

Moving right along :)

#buildinpublic #SaaS
What do you think about this ?

I just finished the integration with ReactJs and TailwindCss :)

🚨Free coachings news🚨.

The first meetting will be about :

-> How to find great SaaS ideas.
-> How to correctly validate your SaaS idea.

What do you think about this ?

Give me your feedbacks please so I can adapt the coachings :)

I want to start free coachings πŸš€.

I plan to do a Zoom meetting each week where I talk about basic SaaS concepts.

What would you like to see in this free chaochings ?

The Hooked loop ♾️

Trigger -> Action -> Variable reward -> Investment -> Trigger -> ♾️

This is how social media apps drag you into a loop .

A new landing page design is comming for TagU πŸŽ‰

This one will be better, we explainef better the product with the different use cases.

Joun the discord server here :)

We want to add a hero image on the landing page of TagU.

Witch one ??

We are moving right along on TagU.

We are about to start rebuilding the landing page for a better presentation.

Also, if you are interested in this tool, join the discord server :

We will share everything with you :)

The lifetime deal at will be closed in some days.

We are working on the MVP, and once this one is done, we will switch the lifetime deal to a monthly subscription.

Bootstrapped SaaS ??

Do more, with less πŸš€

β€’ Can you barter services ?
β€’ Can you use free services ?
β€’ Can you avoid paid Ads ?

Bootstrapping is doing more with less.

Let me read this πŸ“–

I'm gona share a well done resume with you.

Stay tuned πŸš€
At TagU we took with the team 1 to 2 weeks fof validation only.

Here are the steps we followed :

β€’ Built a landing page.
β€’ Added a waitlist.
β€’ Shared on social media.
β€’ Added a lifetime pricing deal.
β€’ Got early adopters.

And we started building the mvp.
Coding at night on

We finished the frontend, now we are working on the Backend πŸ₯³

We want to launch as soon as possible.

@ItsRohanPhilip Before starting a SaaS you need to market it, get early users, they will help you shape the product so you can be sure that you are building the right product FOR THEM & WITH THEM. Its good to share this with the #buildinpublic community Rohan !
I'm preparing free coachings 🎯

I will help you for free to launch your SaaS.

You will go from validation to launch day.

And it will be fully free.

Working on my marketing & coding skills this sunday.

It was a good & productive day.

Also continued #buildinpublic TagU.

What did you did this sunday.
Building an audience is....

An art that mixes :
β€’ Strategy.
β€’ Storytelling.
β€’ Connections.

πŸ‘‰ Know your network to create engaging content that bring value to your audience.

The SaaS triangle.

β€’ Can your SaaS make money ?
β€’ Can your SaaS be built ?
β€’ Does anyone want your SaaS ?

This are the 3 pillars of SaaS.