I started planning my twitter and instgram content.

I will be very active the next week on this platforms.

I will tweet about : Tech SaaS and entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned !

What is the most important thing in a youtube channel ??

Tell me what do you like in a YTB channel.

And what you don't like.

So I can know what to do on mine.

I will start a youtube channel 🎯.

I found my niche πŸ₯³

It will be about :
β€’ Tech.
β€’ SaaS.
β€’ Startups.
β€’ EntrepreneurShip.

I will be sharing all of that on my newsletter to πŸš€.

Join my newsletter πŸ₯³

I launched a newsletter yesterday !

I will be sharing everything I know about SaaS, Tech, EntrepreneurShip.

This summer, I will be building a SaaS and I will share every step on this newsletter !

Your SaaS isn't working ??

You can still pivot correctly πŸ₯³.

Here are some privots types :

β€’ Zoom in pivot (Focus on a specific feature).

β€’ Zoom out pivot (Add more features).

β€’ Customers pivot (Change your targeted customers).

And many others.

🎯You need a brand, or a personal brand....

Pick a niche that aligns with your passion and expertise.

Start posting, connecting with other accounts in the same niche as you .

Bring value to your network, you will scale so fast with this πŸš€

Network growth πŸš€.

How I created a strong network on Twitter πŸ‘‡

I started posting content in my niche(SaaS) .

I interacted with people on the same niche πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’».

We connected and started talking about our projects πŸ”¨.

This created for me a strong network 🎯.

Want to validate your SaaS idea in a solid wayπŸ‘‡

Get early adopters !!

You need to find users that will pay for your product while you are building it πŸ› οΈ.

Give them a lifetime pricing deal🎯.

πŸ”¨Creating a network.

Its an important step in your journey as a SaaS founder.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Pick a topic, something you want to be known for.

Start posting daily, 1 to 2 posts per day.πŸš€

Want to disrupt the market with your SaaS idea ?

It can be a bad idea.

You can build an "... Alternative".

With a validated market, it will be easier for you to take off πŸ“ˆ

Or you can take the risk of disrupting the market.

Pricing models for your SaaS.

- Flat pricing.
- Tier based pricing.
- Usage based pricing.
- Usage + User based pricing.

You can choose one of them for your SaaS.

Don't say : is my SaaS gona work ?

Say : if my SaaS work, will it be cool and useful ?

Here is how you can validate your SaaS idea.

Bootstrapping a #SaaS, is one of the best strategies for founders.

With limited ressources, you'll become super inovative with :

- Marketting and growth.
- MVP building.

Its a new way to grow your SaaS.

Successful people in #SaaS share a common trait πŸ‘‡

β€’ They are impatient with action.
β€’ They are patient with results.

They do what while others dream.

What do you do when your SaaS doesn't take off πŸ€”

Do you continue....

Or do you pivot ??

And if you pivot, what are the strategies you use ??

A SaaS is a software as a service that solves a problem on a niche.

It can be managed by a single or by many persons.

Building a SaaS isn't hard but it takes time to do it, and skills.

And its the best way to make money with your coding skills.

Trurst is like a glass.

Once its broken, it can be fixed.

But it will never be the same.

Want to expand your SaaS?

Turn everything in your SaaS to English.

No matter the origin of your customers, with English, you can be sure to attract more customers.

New markets === more customers!

Don't limit yourself to your native language.

A micro-SaaS is a software as a service that focuses on a very small niche.

Its managed by a single person or by a very small team.

Don't be afraid to launch one, solve a problem and sell the solution.