The issue running @n8n_io with podman is somehow fixed, but after a couple of minutes the container stops running 🤷🏻‍♂️

But... Let me tell you @Railway makes deploying @n8n_io supa easy, SSL certificate included and PostgreSQL as DB.

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I'm not the best when it comes to logos. Or names for that matter. 😜

But if it solves a problem, people pay for it, the name is not the most important thing.

What do you think?

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I showed my daughter the first version of the landing page of my side business and the first thing I noticed was there's no name on it 😂.

First thing I have to change.

Lesson: start showing, try to explain what it does, fix, improve, iterate.

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I've a dilemma:

I have ShipSaaS from @nwbotha which supports @stripe which doesn't support Costa Rica.

I could go with @PaddleHQ (but will have to mod ShipSaaS)
I could open an LLC in the US: @atlas or @doolaHQ?

I need your advice please.

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Configured the email and twitter account for my new side business, and some other things not related to that (but needed to be done).

Still nothing on the MVP though 🤫
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I wish there was a @n8n_io node for @supabase

I was thinking about setting lambda functions to execute every minute, now I think using my own @n8n_io instance would speed up the MVP development tremendously.

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Would you start with the easiest or the hardest part when working on your side business, the low hanging fruit gives traction, but I don't want to leave an important part to the end.

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So much to do over the holidays, a little roof, programming side project (come up with a name also), maybe #buildinpublic in YouTube?, want to record some videos for another channel, use my new pool, make some woodworking micro projects.... I just ran out of time. Haha
Can you explain me the #buildinpublic concept? I mean, what do you share just starting, the idea, the name, the progress, will someone steal the work/idea?