Today, I changed the event recurrences so they can be created and edited within a modal! 🥳

It's now easier to manage for me and easier to extend later. 😎

The embed customizer for my startup @calendrop is making me sweat. 😅

But it's now at a solid base to be extended with more fields. 😎

I'm happy that applying and changing styles works! 🥳

Embed Customizer for @calendrop in the makings 😎

✅ Basic update + preview functionality is working!

Specifying the day(s) for the event recurrences also works now! 🥳

It should be more flexible later by adding more fine-grain options. But I haven't figured how where I can place those yet. It's basically a separate number input for each day.

Ideas welcome! 😄

My startup @calendrop can now update and delete event recurrences! 🥳

The form for creating and editing events is nearly finished. 🥳

Currently, I'm working on the event recurrences.
I just need to plug all that stuff into the API for saving/editing.

Finally @calendrop is working again 🥳

At least the basic stuff like projects and workspaces 😅

Events are next now!

I’ve finally finished the auth implementation with Supabase for @calendrop now! 🥳

It was a hell of work but I can use it for other projects too. 😎

Tomorrow I will implement the UI again, but this time with Chakra so I can ship faster. I want to get it live. 😁

Shipping Thursday! 🚢

✅ Added Twitter profile button to profile page
✅ You can now add/remove tools you're using

Those tools are then listed on your profile page. 😎

See an example here 👇

Just shipped this beauty! 💅

✅ List shows latest users
✅ No names, instead show profile image


Just added pages for each user to MakerTools 😎

Every user on MakerTools now has an own page. Currently, there is just the profile image + name.

@sirgi__ and I are the first users 🤣

Let me know if you already have future ideas or improvements. My brain is already full with ideas that could make finding tools easier for all of us! 😊

From today, I will completely #buildinpublic – no excuses. I'm looking forward to build it together with you.
I can literally change everything of the embed within the customizer and it updates *instantly*. 😎

Changing type, style or layout of the embed is done in seconds. 🤯

If you're happy with the result, just hit the save button and you're done.

✅ Working multi-theme support for the embeds of @calendrop 🥳

It's the probably the last one feature that was missing before I can finally create some designs for the embeds.

I didn't get to create the embed styles for @calendrop today but...

✅ Embeds can now be created with 1 click
✅ Embeds can now be deleted
✅ It's possible to update the embed's name in the customizer

Still successful evening, right? 😅

What a cold and rainy Thursday here 🌧️

Do you have anything planned for today, fellow #buildinpublic folks?
Super happy with this upgrade modal for @calendrop now! 🥳

Now I just need to add the upgrade/downgrade functionality. Stripe is set up correctly so I "just" need to plug it in. 😁

What do you think of it?

I finally made this small adjustment I want to do since weeks for @calendrop 😂🥳

❌ Before it was an ugly simple form without any validations.

✅ Now it has the app's form style with validations.

The domain field needs an input mask later though. 👍

Finally implementing some basic upgrade functionality to @calendrop 🥳

Not yet finished but it already changes the price based on the toggle. 😎

I just need to add some description and features to the plan so you see what's included!

What do you think?

Basic styles for @calendrop are working!! 🥳

It took a while but that's a great start. Looking forward to adding more "real" options so you can *really* customize your embed. 💪